These are the only ways I can think of.

I had just completed another module in my Foundations of Reading subject. I am technically ahead by one module in this class but 2 modules delayed in my Theories of Language Acquisition subject. Help!

As I am still trying to pick myself from reading very very slow with all these academic terms and concepts, I can’t help but panic for myself if I will be able to finish this degree at all, or choose the other one: I will give up. But so far, I choose to persevere and do the best I can to finish.

Aside from this personal disappointment, I am also bothered by the recent killing of a teenager boy back home. He was murdered by some policemen who accused him of being connected to some illegal drug acts, but the evidences surrounding his death says it was a brutal murder and an act of violation. I feel so much hurt and helplessness for I am but an OFW, away from home, and even if I am home, I can probably not help them in any. I can only make a little noise and clamor to shout justice for his death. On top of that, I feel fear for my own siblings and friends who can also become helpless victims of this sudden killings and violence in Manila. I never imagined that in my lifetime, I will experience such fear and acts of terror, for there were already heroes in the past who offered their lives so I can live in a free and safe Philippines. I am more than 4000 miles away from home, but I feel the fear and the anger for the government whose ultimate purpose is to take care of its state. The democracy that freed us is also the same democracy that is binding us all in fear. I may have left PH, but my soul is planted in it.

I can only watch from afar, shout from beyond the seas and pray to God to provide justice for that young soul of Kian. These are the only ways I can think of.

Maybe, study harder also? So I can be a better teacher. Not for just the Philippines but for the entire world.