What did you create today?

365 QOTD
What did you create today?

I created essays. A self introduction essay as part of my first day back in MA class!
I also created a takeaway essay about Neil Gaiman's lecture on Reading and Literacy.

Saturday night was a bit crazy. Tita G was kind enough to adopt me for the night coz I told her about my fears on typhoons. Before that, her friend took us to a fine dinner at a very cozy Chinese restaurant in town. Then, we went to this Filipina-owned snack bar somewhere in downtown. I think I drank more than I should. At least I didn't cry nor did I drunk-dialled a number. Who would I dial anyway? LOL.

My sisters were kind enough to stay on the video chat with me today a little longer than usual just because it's raining very hard all day. Eventually, they had to leave and I occupied myself with school stuff. I found out that a couple of my classmates are also based in Japan!

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto is supposed to be a light reading but it's enormous focus on loneliness and coping up with death is a little heavy but it has good points, and maybe if I get the time, I will pick on some quotable quotes from it and make a blog entry about it. 

I had always wanted to have my very own collection of boudior photos. But never really had the courage to ask any of my photographer-friends to do that for me, instead, today, I experimented on timer shots and poses. It is definitely hard to hide these fats and belly. I need to do more sit ups and crunches. LOL.

I haven't eaten dinner and it's almost midnight.