What do you wish your job was?

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What do you wish your job was?

Hmm... I don't want another job. I like what I do right now. I like teaching.

Maybe if there is one thing that I wish to change, it will be the "where" I work right now. I wish to work in a bigger school where I can see my kids every day. It gives me the opportunity to track their progress and also for me to know if I am doing my job right.

Having them once a week on a very limited basis isn't enough for me to be able to know if I am doing my job at all. At times, it actually feels lacking.

There's always this feeling of I wish I can do more. I wish I had done better.

But I am not losing hope. Someday, one day, I will be joining a big school and teaching kids or maybe future teachers on a daily basis. I just have to remind myself that what I do today affects my future.


Today was a good day spent with good people :)

Thank you, Lord for taking care of me despite my insanity and naivety. I am a blessed soul. May You always be seen in my life.


  1. I love mine now. This is a dream come true.

  2. What do you wish your job was?

    Hmmm,iniisip ko sana researcher; yung napupunta sa iba't ibang lugar :) pero nung nabasa ko yung sagot mo cher Kat, alam kong iba pa rin ang teaching... kaya sana maging mahusay ako sa research tapus yun ang ituturo ko, para nakakapunta na ako sa maraming lugar, nakakapagturo pa ako hahaha :)

  3. Thank you for your comment. I hope you enjoyed Nara with lot's of deer!
    Believe your dream will come true.


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