Continue to soar high

It had been 2 months since my friends and I started this Free Talk Saturdays, just for the fun of keeping up with English conversations and everything under the sun. For me, it had been a way of a language exchange and keeping a small circle of influence. 

In our Think. Learn. Ask. (TLA) Portion, a person is allowed to talk about anything he/she is passionate about for a maximum of three minutes and then the audience is allowed to ask the presenter questions for 2 minutes. A total of 5 minutes to be on spotlight, to practice public speaking, build confidence, share and learn from others as well. 

So this month, I decided to share my photoblog. One of my friends took a shot of me and I had it posted on my facebook page. It was just a usual sharing of a weekend for me. 

I was sharing some of my old shots from my page, a photoblog, but now I also post other things like my videos and selfies. I need to get things sorted out. 

I didn't realize that I would be receiving such great words from my high school Math teacher. She said that she is so proud of me. Those words means a lot. She also noticed that having my arms open make it seem that I am flying. She said that I continue to soar high. 

I told her that it wasn't anything big, but just a simple event of sharing with friends about things we are passionate about. 

If only I can tell that I am way far yet from my classroom teaching goals, but I don't wanna disappoint her about me and my predicaments. She is one of the best teachers I know. I am just so thankful that I had one of the best Math teachers the educational institution can ever provide.

As I work on my long term goals, may I continue to be reminded of the people who helped me grow and move to where I am right now. My achievements are far too small compared to what my parents and my teachers had taught me. That in the end, the only thing I can offer to give back and share to others is myself.

I remember some lines from a speech I delivered a few years ago:
"Malayo-layo pa ang tatahakin. Malayo-layo pa ang byahe ng buhay para sa atin. Sampung taon mula ngayon, malay nyo, isa sainyo dyan sa mga nakaupo at nakikinig ngayon ang sya namang papalit sa akin dito. Harinawa. Sana nga. Umaasa ako. Umaasa ang bawat guro natin."

The road is still long. The journey in life is just as long. Ten years from now, who knows, one of you seated and listening to me right now, will replace me at this stage and be the guest speaker as well. I hope so. I pray. I am expecting. Our teachers are expecting. 

Now that I am a teacher, deep in my heart, I am expecting as well-- for one, that I go back to a real classroom soon and mold minds to be of service to others in the future. 


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