Priorities... Haystttt....

Anecdotal Record 
March 1, 2018

While crossing the main road:
Him: “You are nicer than I expected.”
Me: “What does that mean?”
Him: “You speak perfect English, you are cute. You are just nice.”

I don’t really know how to react on this one while I walk my way to work as we parted ways in front of that bookstore. Should I be offended? Flattered? Or annoyed? I had always gotten that impression that “…you speak English so well.” And a lot of times I would say, “Oh, I always get that.” then, just shrug it off.

That day would probably be the last one for the meantime and I mean it. Unless otherwise, that same person comes back and asks me again for a date, which has a very, very, very low chance of happening, 0.2%. (I just invented this value.)

I want to write an academic paper or many academic papers that is/are worth-publishing, so I have to devote most of my days and time and my energy to it. I have been able to strike a good balance in life until that day I decided to go on that date and it just made me realize a few things about my priorities and my choices. To be honest, he is the most handsome guy I have ever met on top of being so smart, and he wont be able to read this and he hasn’t sent me any message and won’t probably be sending me any more in the future, that’s why I am writing this here.

With the good laptop already on hand (no more excuses on slow and hanging softwares, unlicensed installations and incompatible plugins), tools installed and chill out study place identified, good and practical timetable (as goals established for the first half of the year already), my only enemy is myself from this point on.

My first paper for this semester is due on Sunday and instead of proofreading it, I am writing this.
Poof! Gotta go to bed now coz tomorrow work starts at 10am and I need to get that 30-minute work out done and that 100yen coffee at McDo to jumpstart my long Saturday and the would-be even longer Sunday.