Randomthoughts 28 March 2018

1.     I’ve been a little down lately. Hormones? As always. LOL. But 2 of our good students are ending their contract because they will be moving to different places starting April. The thought of people leaving makes me really sad, but I can only hope for the best for everyone, I just hope that we will not forget each other. 
2.     Been trying to keep up with the schedules but still get slips every now and then.
3.     Cooking again, but this time, trying to follow keto recipes, but only the easy ones plus I still do carbo-loading when I am out with friends on weekend nights.
4.     I will take my Nihonggo teacher on a date this Friday. I am pretty excited about it. Then, while I was thinking of it, I remembered my mom. I wish I can take out my mom on random dates like that too.
5.     We gave our branch manager a very pretty bouquet of flowers for her farewell party because she will be retiring by the end of this month. But before that, I borrowed the flower and took a photo as if I received it for myself.
Borrowed bunch of flowers for photo ops purposes only. I hope I get one soon too

6.     Hayst. I wonder when I will receive a bunch of flowers again. It’s just so nice to receive such thing every now and then.
7.     Got a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology but not really sure when I will I ever get started with reading it!
8.     My friend has been planning to introduce me to someone but I kept putting it off just because I don’t feel like meeting people lately. Just like the first week of March, I wasn’t really in the mood to meet “the guy” but our meeting turned out well. Way more than well that I could I have thought. So, yeah, I told my friend that we can go out sometime in April, if I finish my paper sooner, if not, it may have to wait. OH LIFE.
9.     Bought shares of a bank for my COL portfolio. I had always thought that bank shares are good ones. When will I get started with my Bitcoin. Hayst!
10.   I wish there is no need to sleep because 18 hours is not enough for me to do all the things I wanna accomplish. Oh well. But I gotta sleep, so I will sleep now.


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