What advice were you given?

365 QOTD

What advice were you given?

My career mentor replied to my email and told me about this:

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.

On love….
Grandma: Marry and get pregnant. (Wow!)

On studies….
Me to myself: Ginusto mo yan, eh di tapusin mo yan.
                        (Translation: You chose that, then finish that.)

On money talks….
Mama: Mahirap umasa sa iba, mabuti yung kahit konti, meron ka.
            (Translation: It’s hard to depend on others, its better that you have at least something to live on by yourself.)

On integrity….
Papa: Sa bawat desisyon mo, siguraduhin mong kaya mong panindigan.
            (Translation: For every decision you make, make sure you stand by it.)

On learning….
Titas: Read.

On heartbreak….
….. forget him, it’s his loss. You deserve someone better.

On dating….
…. keep your options open and don’t be too serious

On life….
…. It is beautiful, no matter what.


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