What do you wish you had left unsaid?

365 QOTD

What do you wish you had left unsaid?

Hmm.. I can't really pinpoint to anything but if ever I had said anything offensive to my friends today, I wish I can take it back.


One can never ran out of things to be thankful for.

Today was quite a wonderful day! From the warm weather, good food, walk and of course, the company itself.

I was just so lucky to be with 2 good men, both are very smart and witty business owners and are very game with silly conversations up to conceptual topics.

The car door got opened for me several times today, the door being held while I pass through and I just got to be treated like a princess. It doesn't happen every day. I thought, when the Prince Charming left, my princess feels will also dissipate. Apparently, it got extended. Maybe, a good reminder also that I am a royal being in my own right, with or without a Prince Charming with me.

Today, I am just as amazed as I have always been to discover how wonderful these people are. How smart, open-minded and generous of their knowledge, resources and time they are.

I also got to accomplish a load of tasks at hand because when they sat down and started working on their laptops, I had no choice but to get my own thing done as well. With a paper due on the 18th, I got a few parts of the write up drafted and the rest waiting to be written.

Best part of it all, I get to take a break from the usual, eat delicious meals, have intellectual conversations and take a good look at my values and priorities at the moment.

Lord, You are simply amazing! Thank you always. I can only pray that You are the one seen in my life. That I may have the chance to touch lives here in Japan and to inspire others to contribute in anyway they can in making this world a better place.

DearBoyfriend, if you were here, you would have been so glad to have met these two guy friends of mine. Hopefully, you meet them in the future, just like me, seeing you in the future :)


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