How did you relax today?

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How did you relax today?

My family and I went to the nearest wavepool for lunch and afternoon swim. It wasn't really relaxing coz I have to check onto everyone, both my parents, my sibs and my cousins if they were all having fun. Not that I had to do that, but it was just intuition and a matter of making sure that everyone one is accounted for and really enjoying the moment.

Then, early this evening, we had a petty siblings' argument. It wasn't something big but it was really uncomfortable at some level. Because my older brother wont let my younger sister use his printer for the church activity (>.<) Well, younger sister didn't really ask for permission, she completely assumed that it will be okay with Kuya that she use it, and so Kuya was a bit upset.

No matter how old we will become, I think, we will always have a point of argument every now and then. It still feels that same. One gets upset, the other one tries to add coal to the fire, the other ones try to pacify the heat and then, later on, we still get to eat lunch altogether, cramped on one table. I am not sure how we actually get to fit into it anymore.


After swimming....

I got a haircut.
Went out for coffee.
Walked and met the cats at BGC Highstreet.
My slippers got broken, so I had to buy a new one. LOL.
Tried to use my debit card to buy supplemental meds but it doesnt seem to work at the drugstore. I had to find another way to make it work.

Two more free days and I have to go back to my little space in Japan.


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