I need to take a walk. I need ice cream.

I would always say that my patience is reserved for kids and try not to exhaust it on adults by tying to always see the good in people --the strength in one person, the good side, the positive side. I also believe that every person has a sparkle of intellect and it is the teacher’s task to just keep on asking the right questions to trigger them to thinking. But today, no matter what kind of thinking I do, no matter what kind of questions I ask, no matter how deep banking in schema have I done, it seems that this person can’t get it. I almost cried in frustration. I knew that I just had to walk out the door and breathe outside that room. 

The only thing he can say is, “I’m stuck.” Like he is configured to just follow. Tell him an action to do, then he can execute. But give him an idea that is supposed to give him freedom to design and execute from it, and he is lost. I know he is a very smart person. He knows a lot about many things, trivial stuff, history and of course, language. For someone who had lived abroad, worked with many races, read a lot of books, he still seem useless as a teacher to me. And me, as a teacher as well because I just can’t seem to teach him anything. Nothing I say could make him THINK. No questions I say could make him THINK. All he wanted to do is FOLLOW. It is frustrating to think that I find him smart and intelligent but he can't seem to understand what I want him to do. 

I would like to think that he just needed time. But he has been with us for almost a year now and nothing seem to have changed. He still follows the f!”#$%& up lesson plan that had never gotten my approval ever since. But as a co-teacher, how much time do I have to wait for before I can feel that he can be capable to be a teacher on his own.
Apart from I am not supposed to think for him, nor am I supposed to do his job for him, I fear for kids whom he will be handling and teaching. Oh well, it had always been a worry of mine.

Maybe, not everyone can be a teacher at all. But that negates my belief that every person has something to share.

I need to take a walk. I need ice cream.