In due time.

We get the love that we deserve.

I am in one of those days that I wish that I can just marry some random guy, get pregnant, give birth and raise children. Just so I can be away from all this shits and unfairness of the corporate life.

(Then, I would be stopping right in the middle of the plan to realize that it can never happen: 1. I can't just ask a random guy. 2. I promised myself to graduate in my MA first. 3. I am not ready to mother a child without a father, it is just another unfair story.) 

Can’t I just teach and just be happy that I am teaching? Why do I also have to bother myself about the unfairness of the employment systems and stupidity of a colleague?

I definitely don’t feel that I deserve the feeling of being an undervalued employee. Nor do I like working with a human who wants to be treated like a robot. But through it all, I would like to think that I deserve the love I get, not at this company, not at this time, but in due time.

Time and again, I had proven to myself that we get what we deserve, not instantly—in due time. So, time and again, let me remind myself, that this is just a temporary phase. I am in a stage where I am being tested, as a person of faith. I was brought here by chance and by prayers, so, might as well make the best out of it. Appreciate the beauty in being undervalued because in due time, it will all be worth it.