Miyazaki Homebound 2.0

I remember H talking about how it seems the world is getting smaller and smaller.

I fully realized that today. Today was my third trip back to Japan. I didn't cry at the airport but now, as I am boarded in the bus bound for Miyazaki, I cry as I type this one.

My two older brothers took me to the airport. Second older brother (Kuya E) hailed a GrabCar service and carried my luggage until we rode the service car. He has to go to work after that. Oldest brother (Kuya L) took me to the airport and made sure I was inside the airport. When I turned back to say goodbye, he left already. I just shrugged my shoulder then did the airport travel procedures.

Top 3. We are the first three kids of the family. Me being the firstborn girl (3rd child). From L to R: Kuya E, Me, Mama and Kuya L.

My flight was delayed for 30 minutes but it was uneventful. I am just a bit of annoyed listening to other passengers about the things lacking on our flight carrier comparing it to the flagship airlines we have. I was tempted to comment that if they wanted to get premium service, they should have paid for premium service and didn’t opt for a cheap airline service. Oh people.

I missed my bed. I missed my room. It is far more comfortable compared to the dilapidated state of our house in Manila. But I will always come back to it coz it is home.

I just have to remind myself that one of the many reasons I got blessed to work abroad is so that I can give back to my parents, and then my sibs and I, we will all work together to build our mom and dad a far more comfortable house for themselves.

They deserve the best because they have sacrificed so much for all of us.
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