The Bus Ride

In the bus, I saw four familiar faces. Three guys and one girl. But the one I was hoping to see wasn’t there. Oh well.

One of the three guys seemed to have recognized me as his stare lingered for a few seconds before turning his back on me as the bus started to accelerate. The other one is wearing his bank office uniform and noticeably had gained weight from the last time I saw him. The other guy seemed to have not changed a bit. He still has the same style of clothes, he still has his earphones on and the lady really gained so much weight and her hair had grown longer as well. She was sitting beside the guy who seemed to have not changed a bit.

My crush on the bus wasn’t there. He is probably on a later shift or have totally moved to another place and isn’t taking the same morning bus anymore. I remember him as the tall, dark guy with squared-jaw, small and pointed nose and deepset eyes. I always consider him as my happy pill every time I seem before I start my day back then.

While on the bus, I had a few realizations…

… I am always a morning person
… Much as I enjoy reminiscing my good ‘ol morning bus rides, I can’t see myself going back to PH and doing these things over and over again.
… the traffic situation hasn’t changed.


Today, I met with my former JPMC co-worker for lunch. We ate "heavily"... talk about pizza, deep fried chicken, greek salad and banana split.

After that, I met with my brother to give him my presents for him and his girlfriend. Since the meeting was so short, he promised to visit the house on Tuesday and will take me to the airport for my flight.

Then, I met with former co-teacher from the Japanese preschool. It was also just for an hour as she is bound to go to the airport as well to pick up his boyfriend who flew all the way from USA to meet her father who will embark on for his maritime job soon. They met through an online dating app as well and things turned out pretty well for them and I am just so excited how things will be as they had decided to eventually settle down.

I missed meeting my former co-NGO worker who now works for HSBC because I had no energy anymore and I just wanna go home to avoid the rush hour. I was tempted to just grab a taxi but I told myself that I should endure the rush and heat and people because it is part of my holidays.


At some point, we always go back to that thing, place, or wonderful people. Looking back, taking a walk at the same path, taking the same bus, talking to the same people to see how things have changed, improved and got better.

It made me appreciate what I have now…
… better traffic situation
… better living space
… better food choices
… better salary

Then some things don’t change or more of some people don’t change and that’s why getting in touch with them even just for an hour or so just to reminisce and look ahead for far more better days J

As I am enjoying my solitary life and choices, what I can do right now is just share the joys and frustrations I have with people who I know would understand me and accept my quirks, but more into writing it here.

Tomorrow is Friday, 4th day of May 2018, and my exam is up. So, before anything else tomorrow, I will finish it and then my “real” holidays begin.