Today's weather was.....

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Today's weather was.....

Sunny @ almost 27 degrees. Almost summer.

Today's highlight was my Miyazaki girlfriend's ambush lunch date with me.

We haven't been together for a long time and so today T's husband is on an out-of-the-country business trip, she is able to go out in the afternoons and meet us. But most of the time, she spends with her parents-in-law or Indonesian friends.

My Okinawa trip is almost all good and ready. My friend is kind enough to arrange the tours and tickets and so, I can't help but be more excited with the after-meeting activities that we will have.

The beach, waterfalls, snorkeling and experiencing local life all in one day, I don't know how we will do that, but definitely grateful for having great and wonderful friends around.

I haven't gone back to the sleep pattern. Like right now, it's past 1am, I should be sleeping already, done with the diary and not typing this. I have to get up early tomorrow morning coz my PPNProject is definitely on!

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