What was in your email today?

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What was in your email today?

Today, I received an email for my inactive Couchsurfing app-- a message from a couchsurfer from Hyuga, Miyazaki, asking if he can stay for 1 night in my place.

Hmmm.. If it were my younger self, I would probably have replied Yes in impulse. But now, that I am a bit older and an overthinker, I quickly replied No and sent him a message apologizing, saying that I have to work late.

Well, I technically work late. Until 11pm since my online classes are already booked for that evening.


I didn't realize that I haven't properly deactivated my Couchsurfing profile that's why I still got the message. So, today, since I'm off, I took the time to click on the Deactivate button and hopefully, wont be receiving surprise emails from it any longer.

I remember telling my JP friends about a couchsurfer request last year and their reaction was, it was unsafe and that if I want to, I should let one of them sleep in my house as well to protect me. LOL. Since then, when I rejected the request, I never received any message until today. I know that my friends were just worried about me and my safety and so I have to be more careful about myself as well.

Plus, I 'd rather not meet someone late at night again just for the sake of getting to know somebody. I'm not in the mood for surprises nor evening meet ups. For now, I am still hooked into the last meet up I had with someone whom I met mid-morning at Misdo and whom I really found handsome and smart. Add the decision I had made that I am resigning from online dating apps and meeting new people unless otherwise serendipitous in nature or introduced by a common friend or family.

Today, I really didn't feel alone. My Filipina friends and I went for a lunch buffet, I think the name of the restaurant was Farmer's Restaurant, famous for its vegetarian buffet. It was good and worth all the money. After that, we went to the mall for shopping and I got a tank top I will use in Okinawa and a blazer which I am not sure if I will get to use soon.

Went home and did chores. I feel so accomplished doing the chores. LOL.

Did a few nihonggo vocabulary review and I am off to bed soon after this.


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