What’s the most expensive thing that you own that you can carry?

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What’s the most expensive thing that you own that you can carry?

Hmm.. Maybe my laptop.

For my birthday in August, for something expensive (thought it isn't really that expensive), I am eyeing a Fossil Q Commuter Wristwatch. But it’s actually a men’s watch. No ladies’ version. So, I am still having second thoughts about it. 

It’s the time of the month.
First day.
I wonder how I survived the day wearing a 4-inch heel shoes while having body pains all over—arms, back, shoulders, legs and tummy.

I had always liked wearing high-heeled shoes. I like the tik-tok sound the heels make whenever I walk. I like the catwalk feels it brings whenever I walk and of course, the additional height. I always drop by Zara and try on their shoes but never get to buy because there is no point in getting one. So, in Manila, when I saw a black leather shoes, 4-inch heel by Rusty Lopez, I didn’t hesitate to buy a pair for my daily use here in Japan.

After work, I had a quick get together dinner with my two Japanese girlfriends and handed them a piece of omiyage from a local store in the Philippines. Had chitchat. A couple glasses of sho-chu and off to home because we will all have to work tomorrow. Y’s boyfriend and our other friend is in Bangladesh for recruitment purposes and so, we took it as a girl’s night out.

I thought getting back to normal cycle in Miyazaki life will be quick and easy but  I am having a hard time.

I haven’t slept well in the past 3 nights, so I had been waking up a bit later than usual. Though I still managed to do some morning exercise for a couple of mornings but the bodily pains this morning was a bit uncomfortable that I have to let it pass. And until now, my arms and legs still feel sore too.

Ugh. The sudden gush. The bodily pains. Why do I have to feel all of these. I am happy to be called a woman but this part of it all is no fun.


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