Who is the last person you spoke with?

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Who is the last person you spoke with?

It was Kuya Glen. He picked me up at the airport together with his friend who drove for us.


Today is my scheduled flight to Manila for a 7-day holiday. Technically, just for 5 days because the first and last days will be for traveling.

Tita G and I took the morning bus to Fukuoka for a short time of sightseeing, had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe where one of the pretty servers spoke Tagalog :)

Mr. N, Tita G's friend arrived earlier than expected. He is also bound for Manila to meet his girlfriend. So, our sightseeing plans was cut short. We had to head to the airport instead, arrange our luggages and wait for boarding time.

While waiting, I was able to work on my reply for the peer assessment response of my classmate about her "not-so-good, has-a-lot-of-room-for-improvement" output. I daresay that the output was way below my expectations and I want to try best in grasping the right things to say so that she wont take my comments personally and that she would realize that there is some standards that need to be met in submitting papers. At least for the structure coz I do understand that the content can be a bit challenging for most of us.

In the plane, I was able to continue for a bit, but since my seatmate was a cute little baby boy, I got easily distracted as he keeps smiling at me and he happily sat on my lap and we really did have a good time. I decided to read something else instead--the magazine on the plane and the book I brought with me.

Manila temperature was 30 degrees and I am just thankful that my cousin picked me up and had me use my old room in their house. So, tomorrow, I will have to wake up early to go to my parent's house.

It's good to be back, I wouldn't trade times like this for a trip abroad or somewhere else. A friend was surprised that I am going back home instead of going on a roadtrip or elsewhere except home just because I am single and have no "obligations".

Maybe I got no "obligations" but for now, I would like to take my time that I can do these kind of things for my family---quick surprises and lots of hugs.

Tomorrow is another day and I should get back to reading and reviewing for an exam on Friday, 4th of May.

Hello PH, it's nice to be back even just for a week.