What was the last thing you thought about today?

365 QOTD

What was the last thing you thought about today?

I thought about what shall I write before I start typing. HAHA. But seriously, I thought of making a blog entry using all the 4 languages that I know. Three of which I can say that I am fluent and 1 of which I am on my way of intermediate fluency? HAHAHA.

It was rained all day long today. Because of that, I got up around 8am, decided not to go to Japanese class, practiced on my own and then walked my way to work—slowly and wet.

With the boss not around, I was able to do a few more reviewing in the office that helped make me look busy. I also thought of making our boss a birthday card—just because it is her birthday and I love making cards and it is something I missed doing. At least I have an excuse why I am making one. We aren’t really that close in the office, except for E and I whom I get to talk about my personal life, we all try to keep an atmosphere of a harmonious working environment but sometimes the boss becomes a bad boss and then the subs become bad subs—all because of the boss. LOL. Albeit, we hope she would appreciate our little efforts of making her birthday a bit special—I mean, a REAL appreciation.

When I got home, I craved for tomato soup and so I cooked. I’ve been eating different kinds of bread today, almost the same carbo supply I get with rice plus the sweets and additives that are in it. I really should start cooking again. I bought pasta, hoping that I can go back to my wine and pasta nights.

I am counting my days to the exam date and I haven’t really done any serious readings lately. Just switching in between tasks of listening and reading comprehension and translations just so I can get something done in the day.

I hope I make this level so I have a deeper personal excuse in the next months about how to keep myself occupied and reading and learning and not overthinking why Dear Future Boyfriend hasn’t arrived just yet. LOL.

It will be rainy days ahead. 梅雨 (tsuyu) as it is called. It usually lasts for 2 weeks and then it slowly gets warmer and warmer and waaarrrrmerrrrrr.

Tomorrow, is another day.


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