Without looking at the previous year’s entry first, sign you name first.

365 QOTD

Without looking at the previous year’s entry first, sign you name first.

You bet it will still be the same first, middle and last name.


Quite a lazy, good Sunday.

I was supposed to meet a Filipina couchsurfer today but she changed her plans and won’t be coming back to Miyazaki until tomorrow. I was actually excited to meet her for quitea number of reasons like.. She’s Filipina and couchsurfing solo, she has been in Japan for quite a good number of years and so living abroad and adjustments would have been good topics for conversations. And simply because she is a Filipina, it would have felt great to get connected to one again.

I spend the morning in bed and then got up, and prepped up for study at the library. But before that I waited for my friend to deliver my Amway homecare goodies. Then, I took the bus to the library. The room was full of students and I regretted the decision to come there. So I just stayed outside and it’s the usual family day video chat, instead I took my father and my uncle for a tour outside the library and the Miyazaki Shrine.

But before that, I think that was a 2-year old kid kept looking at me and waving at me while I sat and chat with my family. He intentionally stood up in front of me and flashed his cute smile while his parents wait for him to come to them. I had to stand up and walk him through his parents, he let me hold his hand and smiled to cutely. I just can’t help but miss preschool time and time again. That moment, I can tell myself, I don’t mind being messy all day, surrounded with innocent, wide-eyed, hyper kids, sometimes even moody and crying little ones. It is a very handful job to teach and look after, but I miss it.

 Will ever have the chance to raise my own kid/s? I have no idea. I can’t even handle my own moods. LOL. Nor a partner who can tolerate me. So, I let this dream be carried away by the wind until it changes it course and something wonderful happens.

I managed to encode the 20 lessons I am aiming to finish this week. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. With the upcoming exam, I can’t be complacent.

So help me God.


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