My life would be easier if __________.

365 QOTD

My life would be easier if __.

.... If I have any idea how long people intend to stay and how much they intend to suck out of energy in me. So, I would know how much to expect out of the turn of events..

But it would be much easier if I really learn the art of not expecting anything from people.

Or maybe, life would be easier if I would never feel lonely. Nor seeking. But what would my life be I am not feeling the emptiness. This emptiness. This loneliness. In the middle of a loving family, good circle of friends. I am still seeking.

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  1. Cyberhugs, Yccos. Maybe I've been reading too many self-help books lately but I feel you. Nakakapagod maging tao, in every sense. Pero mas mahirap makipagtao.

    I hope you find what you're looking for.

  2. tama ang sinabi ni citybuoy....kung may pinagdaraanan ka man ay sigurado malampasan mo iyan..andito lang ako...can i help you...

  3. My life would be easier kung may wallet ako na di nauubusan ng cash! Charot hahaha

  4. Life would be easier if you also learn to love your own company.

  5. hugs. haaaay i feel you. that's why we never stop seeking, moving, fighting...


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