Does anyone owe you money?

365 QOTD

Does anyone owe you money?

What a question after a hiatus. I miss you my little space.
Hmmm.. Not that I can remember. Maybe?
I would rather be on the lending side of this spectrum rather than the one seeking for rescue. Been there and it was never a good feeling to be on the needing side.

Talking about time and a few weeks more to go for my homecoming in mid-October.

I should really get to deeper readings for the upcoming exam but here I am, can't even get one of the lesson guides done. Having a hard time picking up that writing chakra flowing. Deep sigh.

I just need to get it back.
I need it badly.

Today I got one task out of 10 accomplished.
Forgive thyself and get a good sleep.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, at least get done with 3 out of 10. Why not make it all of them when you can.

Let's eye all of the 10.

Good night, Kat.


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