My Flower Throwback Story

In 2015, two days before Valentine's Day, on a Thursday, I received a bouquet of long-stemmed white roses accented with a red one in the middle. Someone whom, I had an online encounter and became a social media friend sent it to me, anonymously at first and then he opened up himself through email that same afternoon. He sent me another set of of flowers the next month, this time with scentful stargazers and big daisies. 

We never had the chance to meet in person. But I do know that he is happily engaged to a beautiful girl whom he had taken to his travels and adventures. 

As to why we had never met in person, was my fault and now, as I write this, I have found peace and purpose for rejecting that invitation. It would have changed their life story, delayed their meeting or have never met at all, together with a devastated feeling and unrequited kind of love. Or maybe, I may have loved him but it will never be fair for him. 

Five years ago it had been. Five years ago that I had that fleeting moment of being special brought by that commercialization of the idea of Valentine's season. Hayst. 

But it would be really nice to receive a bunch of flowers again and again. 


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