Ever heard of this campaign:


It is a non-profit organization which believes that Filipino child has a right to an education without compromises, an education that involves and realizes the totality of a person's possibilities, an education that is excellent, relevant, and inclusive.

It is a newly organized movement in the Philippines under the umbrella of Teach For All-a worldwide network of non-profit organizations with almost 25 countries affiliation. 

What happens here?

The organization is in search of young professionals and newly graduates who can teach for two years in one of the high-need schools in our community. They will be trained, compensated and supported by the organization up to the end of the 2-year program.

I signed up.

Yes, I did. I had been invited for a demo-teaching, interview and assessment last Monday, February 4, 2013 in their office at Makati. 

I think I did well, as per the verbal assessment of my recruiter. But then, we still don't know. With more than 500 applications from young and promising Filipinos from all over, I felt lucky to be invited in their office for further assessment. I had been able to meet the CEO, the partners from UK and Malaysia as well. 

The results wont be released until the third week of February. And I am keeping my hopes up. Prayers for it to be granted. Yet, I have readied myself for the other answer. 

If ever I get selected, it means I have to give up a lot of comforts-the high pay, the air-conditioned office, structured work goals and friends in the office. Still, I am ready. It is now or never. 

Imagine the life of a teacher. Imagine being a teacher in one of those depressed areas in Quezon City. 

I am still waiting. I hope they count me in.


  1. hope you'll pass and be part it. ;-)

  2. yes. everyday i pray for it...thanks for dropping by :)

  3. napakabuti naman ng cause nito... i wish you all the luck...

  4. thank you, Senyor :) i really hope id get in. this is something i have been wanting to do. nagkaron lang ng aberya nung mga unang panahon. anyway, if ever i dont get accepted ok lang din. Siguro nga hindi pa ko ready. I'll try to be of help na lang muna sa ibang paraan like through PBO :) then when the right time comes, i'll teach na din :)

  5. I dunno if you did make it but i bet you did. Bring this back, the enthusiasm :)


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