Tuesday, September 2

Its past 6pm, on a regular Tuesday, I would have been on my way home from tutorial sessions. However, today, I decided to go to one post ceremonial events of Ramon Magsaysay Awards sponsored by World Bank Philippines.

Together with my 3 co-fellows, we went to attend an intimate discussion about the situation of the education here in the Philippines and a featured film-showing of the life of one of the RMA Awardees, Butet Manurung of Indonesia, founder of Sokolo Rimba. Also in the event was Randy Halasan of Pegalongan, Davao City. The first time I've read about Sir Randy was in Rappler last weekend when he was featured. I even commented there that I hope to meet him in one of the RMA events and it did happen today. 

After the post discussion, the photographer jokingly said to me that he was waiting for my tears to fall down as I give my insight about the movie and ask Butet and Randy a question. I said, my tears had just stopped falling down a few minutes ago. Actually, I was clutching my chest on the later part of the movie because there's just so much and so many feelings about the movie. Of course, a lot of been had to be dramatized but in most situation, I can definitely relate with her. 

I can relate to Teacher Butet in terms of working for an NGO while dealing with the real deal at the ground level. The organization seems to ask so much and wants to keep a very good image for publicity and marketing purposes. Oftentimes, too focused on the goal that they seem to have ignored the current, real need and failing to give the necessary support at the ground level. 

My Question:
It is said that the first few years of volunteer work/humanitarian work is said to be the most difficult and also said to be the lowest point in a humanitarian worker’s life, now, if they would travel back in time, what have you done to manage stress, how did you find affirmation in what you do, and how did you pick up yourself to get back that energy for service?  

Butet said it's Patience. Randy said it's Love.

I'M WITH A HERO. Meet Butet Manurung. The teacher from the Jungle of Orang Rimba, Indonesia. This year's recepient of the Ramon Magsaysay Awards. She is on her 8.5-month of pregnancy of her first child. I hope she grows up like Butet too. 

Then, the host said, probably, another way was writing. In the movie, Butet was journaling her daily activities. The movie was a product of her book written about her few years of writing about her experience in the jungle, Jungle School, available in Amazon.com and selected events of RMA for Php550. All payments goes to Sokola Rimba, her school for the tribes.

Probably, one thing that kept me where I am today is because of writing about it. There are still un-posted stories and rants that are not post-worthy, and I am happy I took time to write about them in the past. My time as a teacher in the elementary school I am assigned is ticking and is about to end as the school year ends. Unlike Butet, for sure, I will say my goodbye, and promise to come back and unceasingly support the advocacy for education for all in this country particularly for the oppressed. 

I’m glad I took time off from my routine today. Truly, this world is full of wonderful people. Thank you Ramon Magsaysay Awards for taking time to having them recognized. 


  1. that's true. and it's wonderful thing how we see those wondrous things and people :)

    1. Check! Makes me think on how do I put meaning in my own life.

  2. gusto ko rin sila ma-meet :)
    nakakainspire ang mga taong ganyan cher Kat :)
    sana dumami pa kami... ay sila pala lols

    1. Oo! Sana dumami pa ang mga awesome teachers tulad natin! Hahaha


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