Not a book review

I had finished reading the book Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. A very useful read, I should say. 

Thanks Lubu! 

It had given me a lot of things to think about as someone who is a millenial coz that is actually the main study/subject of observation of the writers. The very on-point and detailed descriptions and observations about online dating apps, really took my attention. It really made me think about my behavior as an active user. 

Consider dating apps as introductory services.
I totally agree with this. Online dating apps has made way for me to meet so many guys who works for different fields and interests. From the formal ones to weird ones. 

In fact, my long time guy bestfriend, I met him thru MIRC, 10 years ago, I think. He would still check on me every now and then. And he met his fiancee thru Tinder. So, yes, he is a major promoter of Tinder to me. HAHAHAHA.

A vast array of choices
The wide variety of options had made it difficult to choose due to comparisons and had also made us set quite impossible standards. Perfection has raised the bar for standards though we all know that it can never be achieved. We tend to have difficulty choosing one or give no effort to work things with someone because we always think that there is always someone better out there, if you just keep looking. Also, "looks" has become the initial and pre-selecting factor in choosing a date. 

Waiting Game
One thing that really struck me was the waiting game in digital correspondence, they found out that a guy or a girl who text back immediately, is taken for granted and ultimately has lower value as a reward. For someone like me, who always have the smartphone handy, I haven't really thought of it. In fact, my sibs would be surprised if I won't reply right away when they send me a message. Though I would notice that it would take time for others to reply to my messages, I don't take it into account. Unless, otherwise, they simply just vanish and had become non-responsive. I would take that as a signal of disinterest from the other end. I take conversations as long as it interests me and cut it as polite as I can, if it is something I am not comfortable with. 

Real self vs Phone Self
I would probably make another entry for this one. But yes, for most of us, we have a different self in phone and in person. Also, it is important that when we meet someone from a dating app, it is much advisable to meet right away than to keep talking in the cyberworld. We still prefer the proximity and availability after all. The funniest thing is about guys, who would ask about sex and other weird stuff via phone but I am not really sure if they would have the courage to ask the same questions face-to-face with a girl. 

In a rush. 
I am not really sure what courtship is anymore. Or if it is still even a valid point. I would still like to go to that stage of getting to know someone but it seems like it has become an alien stage. It's either, a click or not a click. Then, move on to the next option if it doesn't work out. Coz, as they say, "there is always someone better out there." Aziz's great reminder is about how we treat others in terms of digital correspondence. He said that we should always remember that the person on the other end of the line is a human being and deserves to be treated as humans. As we would have wanted to be treated. 

Second Chances. 
I like what he said about this part. Finding a partner can never be achieved through constant left or right swipe. It takes a lot of effort, understanding and working together. It's a puzzle that takes time to complete and a lot of trials and errors for a certain piece before it perfectly fits. Just hold on to that piece.

We should always keep or at least end with a good note with somebody because you will never know how destiny will make you two meet again and maybe be able to give it all a second chance. 

My thoughts are still completely scattered. As usual, I have been procrastinating and just not completing anything in the process. But then, I should keep writing. Not because I wanna be a writer. I had long let go of that dream, but because I need to just keep writing because nobody else can do that for me. 

On Dating and Meeting New People

I said I had quit on Tinder. I actually did but before that, I was able to build a little circle of cyber acquiantances as my LINE contacts. (LINE is the most popular messaging app they have in Japan)

With that, I was able to get onto a few dinner dates on the weekends, as of this writing, all of which were local Japanese. Usually on a Saturday since I work late on Fridays also. I met a few good guys. One was weird but still, it all went well in the end. 

A few things that got me thinking in the end......

1. Language Barrier. 
          It's very hard to communicate in speaking two different languages. How awkward it looked when we had to rely on depend on digital translator to keep the conversations going. No matter how I try to keep trying to ask for words in Nihonggo, some people aren't really that patient enough to teach others, I guess. 

2. Getting Laid.
       I don't know if it has something to do with my being a foreigner that they thought I am liberated enough to open my legs to them after a free dinner which I actually offered to pay for mine even before we personally met.

3. Teach English.
        I dont know how many times I had to remind the guy that I am out to meet people on my off hours and not to find someone who is desperate to learn English.

4. Insecurities.
         Japanese girls are beautiful. Glowing skin. Beautiful eyes and very fashionable clothes.

5. Just gotta be real.
        Apart from language differences that can cause miscommunications, it really takes a lot of effort to connect to someone. Sometimes, it just happens, most of the time, at least I tried.

I probably would still have to edit this entry in the future, but for the meantime, let it be. 

Randomthoughts 28 March 2017

March 28, 2017 11:58 PM

I noticed that I haven't posted any random thoughts since I came here... So...

Let's go down the list:

1. I live alone, but I never ran out of dishes to wash..... There will always be a cup or a glass or utensils to wash. LOL.
2. Daiso is my baseline for quality which for most still happen to be of good Japan quality. 

3. If I live in Manila, I probably would be buying a minimum of 5 books per cut off. Hardbound.

4. I need to finish reading Memoirs of a Geisha before the month ends. 

5. Why did I even start reading the Pedagogy of the Oppressed? I wish I have somebody I can discuss it with. As soon I can get my thoughts about it collected, I'll probably just write about it. 

6. Dandruff! Waaa... I didn't realize that suffering this is part of the deal. I keep trying different stuff, reading a lot about it in the internet but none of them seem to work. 

7. I still need to learn the art of budgeting. Seriously. I feel like I am back to my first days of being a salaried citizen. 

8. So, this is how it feels not being at family gatherings and Sunday affairs. But I am happy to see my parents and my tito and tita being able to hangout and just chill. They deserve to have a good time. 

9. I need to make sure that get up early and go out in the mornings. 

10. I will take another formal language course in here. Hopefully that would help me get better in daily conversations too. 

11. I should work on those post cards soon!

365 QOTD
March 28
Did you work hard today?

Hmm........ I tried to. Would that count?

March 29
What was in your post office box today?

It's too early to tell. Will let you know as soon as the day ends!


Time check: 
March 29, 2017 12:17 AM 

How accomplished do you feel today?

How accomplished do you feel today?

Me, I felt like the day just went by and I had done nothing anything significant at all.

There's this side of my brain that keeps reminding me that I should be sad and sensitive. (F*c& these hormones!) while there's this other side of me telling that I should just keep myself busy and occupied so I wont have to entertain any negative ideas of sorts.

It's hard to fight ones own thoughts. Indeed, our greatest enemy is ourselves.

I've been busy the whole day. Doing this and that in school. Prepping for the new school term. Familiarizing myself with the new textbooks (which really sucks) re-arranging stuff inside the classroom and just labeling almost everything.

I've been busy scrolling onto the social media again. Getting myself almost active on Twitter again. Hoping that at least, I can post something sensible that my crush would then take notice. That didn't happen today. Maybe I should tweet more and use more catchy hashtags.

365 Questions QOTD
When was your last vacation? Where did you go?

On January 2017, a week before I left for Japan, we went to this northwestern side of Luzon-- Bolinao, Pangasinan. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.

It was good. I love the sunsets I've seen in the that place.
That not-so-low-not-so high cliff where I climbed over to see and experience bigger waves. I was hoping I could jump straight to the sea, but my superstitious uncle warned me not to be so adventurous since I have a scheduled flight soon.
I tried to eat the inside of a sea urchin which was not a good idea. My lips got swollen and itchy for a bit since I am actually allergic to seafood but I still tried my luck with the sea urchin. Booyah.

My Ex and Whys

My Ex and Whys

As any typical Filipino modern love story, they lived happily ever with all the "hugots" involved and all the supporting roles involved-- the pambansang bestfriend, the wingman, and the titas of manila.


365 Questions QOTD

What advice were you given?
... my closest friend who's in Iceland advised me that I should never stop believing that there is the one which she emphasized in another statement that I should never stop swiping right. LOL.


A Hug

Where I'm at right now, every hug I get or I give out, it's just so valuable. It's rare.


Cherry Blossoms Soon

Cherry blossoms as per forecast, here in Miyazaki, will be next weekend. Hopefully it doesn't rain.

Two Months and Counting

When I came here, I told myself I will write so many things about my life in here. I told my self, I will document every thing and keep it here. But I haven't written a lot since I came here.

Living alone isn't a new thing for me. Having lived at a boarding house way back in college, I think I know what it feels like to live alone. Or so I thought.

Here, it is totally different. From billboards that I cannot understand, to bus schedules that I usually don't need, to labels on grocery items that I can't read, to a bookstore that has limited items that I can understand, to people that would barely understand a word I say, to a literally cold and almost empty home I come to every day.

My tita warned me about moments that I will cry incessantly because I would miss home. I sure am. I am missing home and the crying moments would start when I am at home alone.

On my day offs, I would frequent Daiso and pick of things I can buy for my little space. As if anything I put in it, would make it feel the warmth of a home. I try to put wall decors with vibrant colors, as if that would put life in it. I bought a ukulele out of whim coz I thought, I just needed to keep myself occupied so I wont feel empty.

I would lay in bed usually up until 3pm, doing nothing but scrolling and scrolling on my phone. Curled up in that little space, forgetting my promise to myself to explore the new place I am at. Sulking into loneliness.

Usual routes would consist of work, grocery, window shopping at Aeon Mall or that second hand shop 15 minutes bike-ride away from me.

One Thursday morning, I veered away from that usual day off routine and rode a train towards this highly-recommended daytrip onsen experience at a 3-star hotel. I was glad I did that. They have Ladies Day on Thursdays and so I got a discount for using the onsen and the gym. But since my weekday offs are erratic, I would probably have to wait for the next month to get that Thursday off. Or maybe, I could just jump into the train again and just go there. The discount isn't that much anyway compared to what relaxation it can give. After all, it's the best pampering I could give myself for now. But I wish I can do it with my mom and sisters too, someday.

Two months and counting,  I should not pressure myself onto scribing my experience and realizations with this chapter of my life. It is still anew and there's a lot to discover. From language acquisition, to lifestyle check, to establishing a career and investments and finding love or me having to be found.

One thing is for sure, this place has good people, I just need to be careful who to trust.

Buti na lang.

I made a classic mistake today.

For someone who is a first timer in an onsen, I almost went inside the wrong Onsen room- the Gents area.

Buti na lang! Lol.

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Just Make Sure to Notice

Just make sure you notice... the collateral beauty. (Collateral Beauty, 2016)

I had never completed watching a movie without shedding a tear. Tonight, I cried a river while watching this movie. I tried to get distracted by ironing some clothes while watching, but I had to stop what I am doing because I need to catch up with the lines and every thing in between, until I decided to pause it, finish my task and sit down to play it again where I left off.

Different stories in a single movie. The pain of losing someone coz death, separation from a daughter coz of divorce, saving a company from getting a buyout, fear of losing a life-long investment, terminal illness kept a secret, the thrill of chase of big dreams.

He made an appeal with death. He questioned time. He said goodbye to love. But he never acknowledged life.

How does each of us cope when tragedies strike our lives? Do we ever get to see the collateral beauty attached to it? How long does it take to get a clear view of that collateral beauty? How do we ever begin to accept that collateral beauty?

I had found the movie deeply philosophical and it struck several cords in me that's probably the reason why I cried river and got to start this entry.

What is collateral beauty?

I've fallen in love a few times, been hurt the same number of times, all I can feel is pain and self-pity, that I can never be good enough for somebody. So, what is the collateral beauty in this?

The value of patience and faith. And forgiveness of self whenever I stumble into a complete a-hole. And millions of second chances.

I've chosen to live and work in a foreign land, away from my comfort zone, all I can sense in me is fear, homesickness and loneliness. So, what is the collateral beauty in this?

The presence of inner courage. The belief of common good and the faith that the Ultimate Being is omnipresent.

One should never deal with death coz, for all we know, it could also be a beginning of another life or another death.

One should never blame time coz, all it does is bridge life and death.

One should never say goodbye to love coz, we can never choose who or what to love, it chooses us and it's all around us.

We should all embrace life as it is, coz no matter how painful and tragic it can ever be, it will always be beautiful. Coz everything comes in pairs. For every tragedy, there is collateral beauty.

Just a Thought

Do you ever read something and feel like it's just for you? 
-Jim Preston (Passengers, 2016)

I just finished watching the movie today. Out of the blue, I decided to click on it, instead of my usual tv series episode on queue. And as usual, I cried before the movie ended. It's a love story that bloomed in the most unexpected place and time on a journey to a new life.

They were supposed to be asleep for the next 120 years until they reach their new planet, but something went wrong and a passenger, Jim Preston, was awaken 90 years before their expected time of landing. An android bartender kept him company. Until he had grown a crush on a fellow passenger and he had started prying on to her personal profile, growing more fond of her every single day until he decided to wake her up but kept it a secret. Being the only couple alive on the ship, they have no one else to go to but each other, they bonded and fell in love with each other. But of course, secrets are meant to be revealed, so one day, the android bartender, told her about it, which made her very mad coz, of course, that is not part of her plans. All along, she saw herself as a journalist who will be living in two futures. She planned to go back to earth after staying in Homestead II for a year. Making it another 120 years of travel back to earth. 

I'm not really a good storyteller, might as well just watch it on your own. LOL. What really struck me was the line of Jim when he started reading the write ups of Aurora. 

If ever you have been reading my blog, have you ever felt that it's just for you? Or in the future, should you visit this page, would you ever feel that it's for you?

Wrong Side of the Bed

I want to tell you about my day. About how I am feeling, how lonely it could be, how crazy my thoughts could go.

I want to tell you....

How I woke up at 7am but opted to stay curled in bed until I hear my stomach grumbled and eventually, I had to get up and fill up my tummy with whatever I have on the fridge that day.

How I tried to figure out how to hang dry all my washed clothes coz I included the beddings and towels.

How crazy the weather can change in here, it's sunny today, rainy tomorrow, sunny again for the next two days. Warm day, chilly evenings.

How I had delete my acount and uninstall Tinder on my phone. Apparently, I seem to have build enough connections for now.

How I have lots of chocolates on the fridge, but I opted to buy a very expensive slice of cheese cake, coz that's what I really want to eat. Matcha is for another stressful day.

How biking let me discover places and cities near me.

How I got a very cheap monthly mobile sim subscription without a contract.

How I wake up and wish to have your arms around me on this cold Monday morning.


So this is how I celebrated my first Valentine's day in Japan:

Woke up at 5am.
Walked to the bus station at 6:30
4-hr bus trip to Kumamoto for a "training"
Ate burger at the Freshness Burger
Completed the "training"
Walked around the Kumamoto Castle
Got lost somewhere in the Kumamoto Castle
Found my way back because people are so nice and helpful.
Finished reading After Dark by Haruki Murakami in the bus.
Walked my way home from the bus station.
Came home to a cold and silent apartment.

It's gonna be like this for the next days. Coming home to a very silent home and alone for most of the time.

Nothing new about that. Except for the cold weather.

This is just a stage.

Just like any dream, one day, some day, I won't feel alone anymore.

Pillow Over Flowers

Wherever I go, there will always be that one person who would tend to drain my energy at work or in life. To survive, I gotta fight that negativity. Sometimes, the resistance to the thought of the negativity could also be a reason to get drained.

Days are getting tougher and tougher. The almost laidback days at work are over and WORK is starting to speak for itself. With two training trips ahead, nine demo lessons on queue (5 already completed, so four more to go), days are becoming restless and restless at work.

Family and real friends just know when I need a little rescuing. Just an hour of phone call and then, everything seems to be put back in perspective again.

Younger sisters sending me single word messages out of the blue, telling me they miss me.

Papa, logging on to skype using my bro's account just to tell me he had opened a new account for my future remittances. But all along, I thought I was talking to my brother. LOL.

Then, that scheduled call from a friend from the other side of Japan. That's just how I am, I gotta schedule phone calls.

He reminded me of a few things to remember when boat starts shakin':

1. There will always be something better from where you are right now, coz that's human nature to be not contented. Nonetheless, don't ever miss to see the good things in whatever you have right now.

2. Do your work. Do it with love.

3. Goals. Always have goals. Always remember the "why" you chose to be here.

4. Stay away from things and people that drains your energy.

5. You know your weakness. Work on it. Build strength on it.

But this one is the best:

6. "Wag kang makinig sa kanya. Mas magaling ka sa kanya. Naniniwala ako sayo."

I'm probably missing home and the good people I used to surround myself with. All of a sudden, I forgot to be grateful. Good thing, they were there to remind me of it.

I am at a good place, the better one could wait for it's own time.

I think I would prefer a pillow to hug than flowers at this point in time. Eventually to be replaced by a real hug from my very own Mr. Sakto in the future.


Dear Future Boyfriend,

A-uno na naman ng Pebrero, 2017 na. Wala naman. Ini-inform lang kita.

My training trip ako sa Feb. 14 kaya busy ako.



21st Day and More to Come.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Today, I am on my 21st day of living in Miyazaki, Japan.

Work has been all about learning how things get done and getting acquainted with people in the office. Observing and asking. Sometimes, even asking if they need help with anything coz there are idle times for now. I get one weekday off which changes depending on my manager's mood and a Sunday off.

This is a photo dump of some of the few things that happened for the past 21 days.

I forgot the name of this pathway, but my colleague said that before passing through this red posts, one must make a wish. 

I will take a photo of this certain tree per season and see how it changes through time. 

This is one of the famous dishes here in Miyazaki, Chicken Nanban 

After a long day, there is a spot called foot bath and it's for free! It feels good to soak one's feet in warm water after an hour of cycling. One just needs to bring his/her own towel for wiping and drying. 

Having my daily dose of matcha with this local version of "puto" from Daiso. 

One of tmust-visit restaurant coz they have a menu in english. LOL. Sobrang sulit ng food for only 680 yen. 

Pork ginger on top of shredded cabbage salad with tofu. Yummmersss! 

This is a great place to buy second had stuff and gadgets. My eyes glittered seeing the Casio, Roland and Yamaha stuff! My sister and my father will find this place a heaven on earth. LOL. 

Slowly filling up the walls of my soon-to-be classroom. 

My Irish colleague suggested I visit this gai-jin bar (foreigners' bar) named The Bar. The lady-owner had been so welcoming and she speaks tagalog too! The guy was a Kiwi surfer who loved Miyazaki and put up this bar instead. They've been in the city for more than a decade now.  

The local beer. Ang mahal ng beer dito! Whyyyyyyyyyy........

This is like their Divisoria complex. 

I bought this veggie without even knowing it's name. Thanks to google translate, it told me, its name is chrysanthemum which I didn't believe at first so I had to send a photo to my cousin who lives in Niigata and asked if its edible. LOL. 

Tried cooking that famous winter soup-- Nabe. Well, I just bought the soup in the grocery and just started dumping veggies and meat the covered it until it turned to a boil. 

If I Wanna Grow Old with a Cat

I just finished watching A Street Cat Named Bob. A movie based from a true story and book of the same title published in 2012.

It had become a habit to stream on a movie or an episode as a night cap. The very fast internet speed connection really got a "whoaaaa!" from me.

Going back to the movie. It's a story about a junkie who decided to be on a rehabilitation program and at the start of his journey, a cat, barged into his home and never left his side from then on.

It made me think then, if I wanna get old with a cat. Just a cat. Kinda lonely, but James, the protag in the story, found his meaning with the cat, Bob, by his side.

I cried for most drama parts of the story.

This is one of those days that it feels lonely. Though, I always hurry home from work and virtually join my family for dinner, it's still feels different if there's someone I can come home to. Tell about my day, complain about little things, encourage each other, talk about just anything and pet a cat with. Haha. The cat will always be part of the story.

I'm just being the emotional me. I've been so overwhelmed with how things are turning out for me that I wish I have that someone I can just talk to about everything that's happening in my life. Social media has been a great way for people to know where I am at now and I have received many well-wishes that I just can't think of reasons why I am receiving so much love. Someday, I am not even sure if I can take care of a cat since I am allergic to it but maybe someday,  I'll come across that someone and we will pet a cat together.

After all, God had been so kind and faithful and true to His promises to me. He hasn't given anything that's not yet due on it's due time.

On a different story, my sister bought her cat, Tofu, a jersey, a blue one with a Japan imprint on it. Now, Papa is asking, where's the shirt for his favorite cat, Jude....

Miyazaki Narrative: The Arrival

On January 11th, 2017, I took a flight bound to Fukuoka via Philippine Airlines. My parents and I were at the airport as early as 4am. It was an opportunity for my parents to meet the people from the agency who were behind our employment. Should there be any concerns in the future, at least my parents know who to reach out to. My father earlier since he still has something else to do.

Papa: Oh sya, aalis na ko. (Biglang tumalikod)
Me: Pa naman eh. Payakap muna.

Which he did. That was the first time I hugged him again after a very long time. The closest physical contact we ever had before that were the usual "pagmamano" or me putting my arms on his shoulders. I will always cherish that hug. The warmth and comfort it brought, I will always remember.

Mama and I waited for my other two sisters to arrive. I was also happy that my Tito and Tita woke up very early in the morning just to bid me goodbye as well.

My fellow teachers were a bit shocked that there were so many people who sent me off. I just joked that they were just happy to see me leave and can't wait. LOL.

My kuya didn't come to the airport anymore but we dined out the night before my flight. My other younger brother also didn't go. I just kissed him and woke him up real quick before I left. He then messaged me on Skype to say sorry and that he had to sleep because he had an interview that morning. I told him, it's okay. I was just being the melodramatic sister that I am.

Last December 2015, I took a flight bound for Legazpi and I remember posting about it on Instagram and that I hoped that my next flight will be an international one. And it happened. I never had any flight projects in 2016 nor any local flights for holidays back then. The flight after that was this one bound for Miyazaki. I can't thank the Lord enough for everything. Really.

Though, my arrival to Fukuoka Airport was a quite an event to remember.

I have a connecting flight bound to Miyazaki just an hour after my arrival in Fukuoka. As per the Welcome Kit, after the clearing in the Immigration section, I am to take a bus bound to the Domestic Airport, that would take more or less 8-15 minutes, enough for me to get into the check in counter and get on another bus that will take us to the plane on the runway. Flight will take 35 minutes and somebody from the Miyazaki branch will pick me up at the airport. Bring me to my house and then take me to the office to be welcomed by everyone.

That was how it was supposed to be.

But then, at the immigration, we were asked to take a seat at the corner where there is a table an a long chair. Apparently, there is a discrepancy with what appears on our Certificate of Eligibility and the visa stamped on our passport. The five of us were all held and asked to proceed to that little corner in the immigration section.

Just imagine how scared I was.

I told the immigration officer that I have a connecting flight in an hour. She then just made a few phone calls, asked for our passport and COE then returned to her office to make more phone calls.

After 30 minutes or so, she returned with our passports and our printed residence cards. A moment of relief for all of us. We took our exit and the airport staff were kind enough to sort out our baggage from the conveyors.

I missed the flight and had to wait for another 3 hours for the next flight. I was so tired. I didn't even bother to stand up where I was seated until the announcement for my flight. I am also scared just because I can't understand almost everything around me. I can barely read and understand a thing. The almost three hours of waiting would have been a good time to go around. But I didn't do that.

I felt so tired. I felt under-dressed when I saw the other passengers who were waiting. I was wearing just one-layered coat but I do have my leather gloves and bonnet with me.

I arrived at the Miyazaki Airport around 8:30pm, 3 hours past the expected 5pm arrival. Then, another 20 minutes to drop off my stuff at my new home, get my keys and the souvenirs. My new boss then took me to the office where everyone was waiting. It was very late yet they still waited for me. My Filipina colleague and I walked home together. The first of the many afterwork walks and cyclings that will happen.

I was so tired that night yet I didn't sleep well. I was thinking of all the mess and all the scattered stuff on the floor and what to wear the next day.

1.11.2017, I will never forget.

Aside from my father's assignment for me, that is to find our ancestors from here, I look forward to an amazing Japan experience. My heart is always full of gratefulness to each and everyone.

Miyazaki Hits

I am on my 9th day today in Miyazaki, Japan. It's winter and since this is a subtropic region, i experience no snow but the coldness really can drop to as low as 0 degrees Celsius. Enough to get those winter clothes up for a strut. I bought only one trench coat and several thick, knitted clothes to keep me warm this winter.

Except for a local cellphone number, I am almost settled in where I am at.

Mga iilang ganap sa buhay ko dito ngayon:

1. Time is time. No bumper to bumper traffic issues here!

2. Having a bike is a must.

3. I still do the local conversions of prices.

4. I may not have jetlag. But my metabolism seems to take its time for adjustment. If you know what I mean.

5. I tried Tinder. There are a lot within 3 miles but I'm a little scared. Though, this is one of the safest places, I still need to be careful.

6. Mama has Skype account and she knows how to call me in now! Hurray!

7. Tomorrow, I will start my Nihonggo classes.

8. Naging hobby ko na yata ang magpabalik-balik sa Maxvalu (ang equivalent ng Hypermart) at sa Daiso araw-araw.

9. Wala pa kong ginagawang meal planning sa ngayon, pero nachchallenge ng bongga ang aking cooking skills dito!

10. Nung una akala ko gaganda ko dito, tapos pagtingin ko sa salamin, ang haggard ng face ko! Superdry ang skin dahil sa lamig, dark circles around the eyes and ang hair, mukhang magsusuperdry na rin dahil araw-araw blow dry. Haybuhay.

But, so far, so good. I haven't taken a lot of photos since I arrived. I am honestly oerwhelmed and I am still trying to absorb the feeling that I am here.

Hope to get around Miyazaki, activate the shutterbug in me and be able to fulfill my next dreams for myself and my family.