But still.......

No matter how challenging my day had been, my day is nothing compared to what they are commemorating today--- The Nagasaki Bombing. Hiroshima Bombing was Aug 6th, I'm just not sure but it was just a few days ago too.

I remember going to Peace Park in Nagasaki and that Memorial obelisk where the bomb was dropped, it felt heavy and deeply sad. Each visitor can only a prayer and bow for the eternal repose of the souls of those lives spared on those fateful day. Japan was never the same again after that.

But still.......
..... seriously, Wednesday, how cruel can you get?

I started my day pretty well. Did some cooking and laundry as well.

Then, it all started when I was about to go to work.
Just a few steps away from my house, raindrops started to fall, and then in a matter of seconds, it was a downpour! I had to leave my bike somewhere and walk to the bus station. It hasn't been 5 minutes from the time I left and I am already soaking wet. Debated if I will go back to my house and bring extra clothes, but decided to move forward instead. Caught the bus then fled to work. I have a 12noon class and my pants was soaked with rain. Ugh.

On lunch break, while checking my Study Portal.
The teacher uploaded updated Study Guide and deadlines. Had she updated the portal site on time last Saturday, I could have started working on the other write ups. All now due on the 11th. Why herrrrrr? Why now?

You didn't stop there.
When I decided to pick up my bike from where I left it, I can't find my key! I thought I left it in the bike, but wasn't there. That was 30 minutes walk back and forth. Only to find that the key was stuck inside my eyeglasses case inside my handbag. Why you do this to me?

Then, I got home only to be shocked by a flying cycada landing on my face! I am very sorry my little cycada, but I can't let you stay inside my home. So I had to let you out. But thank you for the visit. It felt like a welcome kiss. Ehhhhh...

Oh well, the day ended on a good note at work. Finished lesson plans for a loaded Saturday, only got a few more brushing up tomorrow and then maybe use the spare time to study and write. Thank you, Wednesday.

Okay, complain time over. I still have class from 11pm to 12mn.

I would still love to have that hug, though.