forgive me my little space...

Two weeks had passed since graduate school had resumed. I thought I would never make the shift but here I am again.

Shifting to MA in Language and Literacy Education was a logical idea since I am in a field that is very related to language education and I can say, that is the career I would grow old on.

Two weeks since I started burying myself into the books again, struggling with scheduling regular chores and work. Aside from the time and priorities, it is the focus that I am struggling with. My days had been like this:

7AM Wakes up from bed straight to the laptop to read and take down notes from wherever I had left off from last night. Reads the news, checks emails, and yawns. Tries to go back to studying.

Checking the phone in between readings and note-taking, until the phone scrolling swallows me whole and I lost all the focus for the morning.

9AM makes breakfast and scrolls on youtube for whatever subject of documentary that would catch my interest for the next 1.5 hours while I move around the house.

10:30AM preps for work, packs obento. In my head, I am also calculating if I can do quick study while in school or if I should bring my laptop and go to McDo where I will study for the night.

Then work goes on.

I just realized that for the past few days, I haven't had any decent dinner at all. Either I grab some McNuggets or burger or fries! So unhealthy. So expensive too!

But at McDo since it is a public place, I seem to be able to focus far more longer than when I am at home where I can just get easily distracted and too comfortable. Plus, I think, the audience effect also works on me.

I still have a lot to read and learn from the bottom.

I have a lot of things I want to achieve apart from this academic title and honestly, I want to have a boyfriend, but at this kind of situation I have, and the place where I am, it is a struggle even just to make friends, moreso maintain a relationship. So, forgive me my little space, there will be more rants about being lonely and frustrated. But definitely there will be stories of little success about my little attempts to improve myself, investments, life abroad, side trips and spontaneous thoughts.


  1. Ang ethnic ang sched mo... I mean hectic pala charot!


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