What did you let go of?

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What did you let go of?



My friend will be organizing an outreach program for the displaced kids because of the ongoing civil war in Mindanao, on the 16th, and I wish I am there to help out personally.

For the past two years, August 2nd was a day my good friend, Cher Jo and I, are together somewhere but this year, we broke the chain. Hopefully, next year, we get to go somewhere again. I always find it as an early birthday present.

My friends are asking about how to start investing on stocks, which is good. Our new motto now is: Friends that invest together, make "yaman" altogether.

I haven't been to the library for weeks now, I really should get the grit back. With that, I re-watched Angela Duckworth's talk about GRIT on TEDTalk. For me, it is one of the most powerful talks I have ever known and always come back to. To remind me of my Whys to push forward and persevere.

So, this is how it feels to be an OFW. To be able to accumulate gifts and give aways when I come home, I really should start soon in accumulating stuff for everyone who matters to me. With the meager salary, I earn, it's better to purchase them little by little, so that my own savings plan and investment won't suffer. Little steps. Little steps.

I am not big on birthday celebrations but I always make sure that I get to spend the day with my family and very few close friends on separate occasions. Starting this year, I have to start getting used to the feeling that I have to let the day pass by like an ordinary day.

My mother would always say that August is the hardest month to get by eversince, but it is one of the most blessed months because of us. 3 kids out of 6 sibs celebrate birthdays in August, add to that the other close cousins we have born on the same month of August.

So much going on in my head and my heart again. I just need a hug and someone who will listen to my reckless mumbles, stupid ideas, wild dreams and big hopes.


  1. Found you in Jonathan's blog. :-)

    I like your motto: Friends that invest together, make "yaman" altogether.

    This is true. It is easier to invest if there are someone to help you as in crowdsourcing.

    Happy birthday to you this month.

  2. Hello travel buddy,

    I know we didn't see each other this August as we celebrate our friendversary. However, we have future plans and that is making me excited. We should make yaman together so we could make gastos in our travels together. Nakakahiya if I borrow money from you at the very start of our journey, ha,ha,ha.

    Happy birthday and I remembered that small but lovely cake Asiong brought for you. He planned that one early in the morning and was whispering the whole time as he was so stressed out. Since no one is around for your birthday this year, treat yourself. Buy a sweater, I know is is summer, it is then cheaper, ha,ha,ha. Or have a massage, or visit a bath, worth the courage of removing everything as wala namang papansin, well that was my case, ha,ha,ha.

    Daming hahaha within these paragraphs. Hugs from Bkk and see you in Mla.


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