What memories did you think about today?

365 QOTD

What memories did you think about today?

I remember the night we first met, we agreed to meet on my way home from work and I met him in front of a famous bookstore nearby. He invited me for dinner and we ended up at an Italian restaurant. He ordered more than we can consume but we weren't allowed take home the rest of the food.

I remember him sending me a photo of him. That one and only photo.

I remember him seeing him again after awhile, I don't know who did the ghosting first. Perhaps it was me. Coz I didn't want to appear clingy nor too interested.

I remember seeing him again, he took me to dinner to a Thai restaurant nearby that I never knew of before. Then, another dinner at the same jidori place where I tasted my first jidori and shochu before.

I remember that night I slept in his arms while crying deep in the night coz I miss home so bad. I remember waking up still snuggled in his arms. But he had to leave coz he had a flight to catch.

I remember stopping myself from being the first one to send a message coz I don't want to appear too eager and desperate.

I remember him stopping by at my place after drinking the night, walked me on my way to work then disappear.  Then, the other incident of him filling out forms for me coz I have lost hope in google translate and in myself.

I remember embracing him before he left and having the urge to tell him I miss him but I didn't coz I don't want him to know that I like him already.

I remember him being distant. Close yet far. Then, maybe sooner or later, he will disappear entirely.

Then, I will remember the pain of unrequited love once again.