Kill with Kindness

There will always be this kind of person who will make you feel less, useless and just not enough -- not qualified to do what you are doing and make you feel that you can never do it right. First and foremost, check if that person is even qualified himself/herself. Most likely, he or she isn’t because if he/she is, he/she won’t talk to you that way or make you feel that way.

Him: Kat, you are not licensed, right?
Me: What do you mean? If I am a licensed teacher? I am a licensed teacher in PH.
Him: You also got TESOL? But that really doesn’t mean anything, especially as a language teacher. (Shrugs his shoulders and thinks of another demeaning thing to say again.)
Me: Oh well, yes, I have TESOL.
Him: I mean, none of us here is a qualified language teachers.
Me: Hmmm.. I really don’t get you. Well, in PH since I am a Science major, I taught core subjects- Math, Science and English in Elementary and I can teach Physics, but I haven’t really practiced that one. But I don’t know how things had changed over the years.
Him: You are working on your masters and just got started with learning and I, myself, is not yet qualified as language teacher, as I don’t have yet my MA in TESOL. I did a whole paper on this and that….. blah… blah… blah… (which takes forever for him to finish and I stopped listening from there.)
Me: As far as I know, our teacher education in PH is one of the good ones, apparently, I won’t be here if it wasn’t. And I won’t have happy students every after lesson, if I don’t know what I am doing.

So, just go on with your life, continue to be awesome and slowly kill that person with all the kindness you could muster for that person.


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