8-Day Quick Trip Backtrack

22:45 JST

Tonight, I sit down and go back to the past 8 days I had spent in Manila.

Day 1.
Just about my arrival where Kuya G picked me up at the airport and we went home. Ate what was leftover for dinner. No fancy dine out. Just really wanted to go home and rest.

Day 2.
Woke up early and packed my handcarry luggage. Knocked at Kuya G’s door to ask for money. LOL. Off I went to my parent’s house. My father was in front of the computer when I went it. My mom was in the bathroom. My sibs were still sleeping. HEHEHE. After the surprize bonanza of my arrival, my youngest sister and I went around the mall to buy some groceries and personal stuff. Went home for dinner and went back to Bicutan for sleepover. Tried to study for the night, I failed.

Day 3.
Woke up a little late. Tried to cook breakfast for everyone. Apparently, they have a habit of oversleeping. I have many things to say about it. LOL. It was fun taking over the kitchen for a short while. Had to leave for a lunch date with my friend from JPMC. We pigged out. Didn’t care about the bill nor the calories! The best part was the banana split. Then, I did a quick meet up with Kuya E who also works in the area just to hand him my souvenir gifts. Luckily, my other friend had finished work as well so we were able to meet for coffee. She is just passing time to go to the airport to pick up his boyfriend who flew all the way from the USA. Oh love! Tried to go home early via the regular bus and studied a bit before the exam the next day. Operative word: I TRIED.

Day 4.
Woke up early. Prepared and ate heavy breakfast. Turned on the AC in the room, drank a lot of coffee and then took the test. After 1.5 hours, it was done. I submitted everything. Made sure it was all submitted and cleared. Took a screenshot. Took a selfie and I was done. Walwal days ahead. Met with my family of my former students, had coffee and a short playdate with the kids. Chitchat about Japan life and scheduling the next meet up. Dropped by my former Japanese preschool work and gave donuts to our friendly guards. Waited for my friend to finish work and we had dinner at Jollibee where I saw my younger brother whom I had to treat for dinner as well. LOL. Since my friend and I had a lot of other stuff to talk about, we extended to a coffee chat at a local café where I had one of the creamiest and yummiest hot choco!  

Day 5.
Official family bonding time started in the nearby wavepool. My cousins were there. My youngest brother seem to have enjoyed all the rides and the waters and food. While my mom was just busy looking after everyone. We had videoke and Papa sang some Spanish songs I never knew he knew. He never fails to surprise us! After coming home, later that afternoon, I had a haircut. Had coffee and cake at another local café with my youngest sister and cousin. We tried to take photos with all the sheltered cats in the vicinity, whom all seem to be used to people’s attention and petting.

Day 6.
Church in the morning with the family. Official Jollibee pig out day with family. While holding onto our chickenjoys, my two younger sisters and I were also able to do our trio Happy Mother’s Day advance greeting to Mama in our choir voices- Soprano and Alto. It was such a nice tune to keep repeating. No vids. No recording. In the evening, I met with my friends and co-fellows from Teach for the PH for a quick catch up and dinner. It was short and sweet and just very intimate. We talked about our hopes for the education system, our plans for the future. (Everyone seems to be on top of the MA goals! One will graduate this July J) No alcohol involved as everyone had evolved to Tita Levels already. Oh life. Then, a friend contacted me if we can meet as well. I told him I had first to send off my sisters for their 2-week trip and if he be able to wait a bit longer, I could drop by and have a quick catch up. That was what happened. Quite a very short catch up, around 30 minutes, I think because I was already tired and sleepy. Shortest in this record of meet ups.

Day 7.
I stayed at home all morning. Did the dishes. Hand-washed my clothes. Tried to pre-pack my luggage to which I failed. LOL. Then, after lunch, I met with my JPMC friend again for her birthday coffee treat J On our way to the taxi lane, I accidentally bumped into another friend, whom I haven’t seen for awhile and had always give his being committed as his excuse for not coming into our coffee get togethers. Then, I went back home, dropped my groceries to take back home to Miyazaki, changed shirt coz I was already sweaty, hailed a cab going to the another mall, passing through the dreaded EDSA traffic to have my final meet up with my gay friends. Since I was already late due to traffic, they had ordered dinner already and we just really had an hour or so of talking and catching up because they still have to work nightshift. Going home, I braved the train which I had always despised. LOL. Home by around 8pm and while I was packing my stuff, Papa was on the side talking about plans and other family matters. Mama was just there as well.

Day 8.
This is the day I return to Miyazaki. Since Papa has to leave early, he woke us all up at around 3am to lead the family prayer for my trip. Kuya E promised to come by before I leave. Instead of him, Kuya L took me to the airport but before that, we had our photo ops at home. It was a very rare moment that we were almost complete and I felt that Mama was very happy to see both the older brothers present. The three of us never really get along very well when we were kids. But now, we seem to have grown tolerance and matured very well. I am just so glad to have my brothers. I am proud of each one of them. I didn’t cry at the airport. I didn’t cry in the plane. I cried while inside the bus. Then, when I got into my house and saw my bed, I just felt relief. I missed the solitude, the silence the slowness of life where I can sit and sip every moment.

It was nice to be home at my second home.

23:31 JST


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