The store I frequent the most is ....

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The store I frequent the most is ....

... the bookstore :)

The first store I visited when I went out last Wednesday was the 4-storey Fullybooked store in BGC, and in Miyazaki, eventhough there are very limited English books in the store, I drop by it almost every day, just checking out and going around it.


I would like to think that today, in the 4th of May, the force had been with me :)

I woke up early and just ate breakfast. Then, without hesitation, I logged into my university profile to take the exams and just be done with it. Before 10am, I was already done and then went back to sleep. LOL.

My big brother cousin cooked Filipino style, fat-filled "papaitan" for lunch. After that, I packed my stuff and travelled to go to my parents house until I fly back to Japan, that's where I will be staying. Aside from limited space, everyone has always been hesitant to let me stay there because I always get very bad allergies in the presence of our cats. But I always insist on it coz I want to spend more time with them.

Later that afternoon, I promised to meet my Japanese former-student-turned-friend and her 2 kids who also used to be my students. We had coffee, she had been asking me about life in Japan and I had nothing to say but good things. She asked if I have a boyfriend, and I said, none. But I told her that I did meet someone last month, someone very handsome, smart, speaks English and of Japanese descent, but he doesn't live in Japan. Surprisingly, the person I am referring to just sent me a message a few minutes ago while I was talking to her about him. Whoa. The chances of being together are very slim, but I told her that he had always been nice and had been in touch, and it just felt good and that I do look forward to meeting him again and again. She said that she is hoping for good news. I just told her that, I, myself am waiting for one. LOL.

After that, I decided to drop by my former Japanese preschool where I was welcomed by our guards and helpers. I brought a box of donuts for them to share. The teachers had left for the day except my co-ESL teacher friend whom I spent dinner with. We talked about the inside gossips, the politics going on in school, how to manage the boss and the assistant of the boss and other crazy office stuff and of course our survival modes and strategies that go with it.

Best part had been the intellectual conversations about language learning and teaching and I brought up my dreams of working on an English teacher-training program for Japan. I told her that it is the way I think I can fully give back to Japan that been so nice to me and constantly giving me surprises.  She is very positive about it while I am very lost where to start with it. LOL.

We parted ways and did very quick stop at the pharmacy for my sister's shopping list.

Tomorrow is family day. I decided to treat everyone at home to a swimming-lunchout at the nearest resort. That would be our whole day family bonding with cousins :)

Now, my eyes are feeling very dry and is starting to itch already. Oh lord, I help me survive.


  1. Oh! So you're still in the Philippines. Make the most of your stay... and try to keep in touch with handsome guy. Maybe he's a crazy rich asian bachelor. Lol!

    1. As for being crazy rich, I had no idea. Hahahaha. But this person is one I can shamelessly claim that I have a superduper crush on! Major turn on too! LOL.

  2. Oh i think i've been to thst bookstore sa BGC... yan ba yung may wall na gawa sa books?

    1. Yep, I forgot the name of that wall art but I do remember having a photo at that area as well ;)

      Takits next year?

    2. Oo. Sure na. Hahaha! Drawing!


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