What did you have fun doing today?

May 28, 2018

365 QOTD

What did you have fun doing today?

Backreading my blog entries and the comments from other bloggers and random page visitors.

This is my favorite reminder:

“Everything has it's own perfect time. All I can do for now is wait. But I am not waiting idly. As I do that, let me appreciate every thing and person that come my way. Embrace sadness. Free myself of hatred and envy. Let my fears be the springboard for my courage fuelled by my faith.” (mimingthoughts blog entry: As of Today, August 19, 2015)

It’s still a good day I should say. I handled all the kids’ classes today and it’s just always wonderful and fun. Plus, I had the time to read back on my other blog entries, re-trace my dreams and hopes. And for most of it, I can say that I had achieved. Well, except for the #DFBhits aka Dear Future Boyfriend goals and that house for my parents. Re-reading the blogposts just reminds me that it will come, just like my other hopes and dreams.

Congratulations my little nook, I have written more or less 500 entries in a span of 5 years and still writing. In a generation where every person almost seemed to want to be like somebody else, I am trying to write about me--my craziness, my hidden obsession of being found by my future partner, my rollercoaster emotions, my frustrations and my love for life.


Monday didn’t really start so well.

I was hoping to break in my new running shoes to a morning run but I woke up to early morning rain and then had to push myself to get up around 7:30 to do an 11-minute Little Black Dress workout.

While making my coffee,  accidentally pushed the newly boiled water in the coffee filter to spill on my left arm. It woke me up way faster than my early morning coffee could ever do. I wanted to cry because it hurts, but it hurt so much that I didn’t have time to cry. I just put toothpaste on it and that was my morning picture to family.

Going to the dentist had been a challenge due to the rain as well. I thought I had an umbrella, but I didn’t have because I left it attached to my bike, parked somewhere in the city center. Had to use my summer umbrella instead.

At work, the boiled egg I brought for lunch blew out inside the microwave oven while heating up, I used my breaktime cleaning the microwave oven and no decent meal.

In my online class, a new student signed up who wanted to be called “Hentai” and dressed inappropriately in front of the camera but thank goodness to being smart and for few learned Japanese phrases especially the ones useful in bars, they came in handy and I was able to conduct a decent class but before that, I had to reprimand the student. Ugh. Racism and perversion, sometimes they go together.