What was the lowest point of your day?

May 31, 2018

What was the lowest point of your day?

…. The time that I have to go back in my empty apartment after having a great time with my friends the entire afternoon.

In the morning, I was able to do laundry as planned and had a conversation with my friend about going to South Korea sometime in Autumn. I thought of going 18th-23rd and she will be there 20th-24th. I also informed my friend based in Korea that I will be flying on those dates! Hopefully, he will get to take time off even just on the Sat and Sun. It will really be super-duper amazing kind of get together from Okinawa to Korea J.

I was really wanting to go to Taiwan, but plans have changed. I can visit it next year with a better game plan.

It was rest day today and my friends and I had planned to meet for lunch. I suggested to go to Florante Miyazaki for some flower-viewing and walking but the weather is not so good so, we decided to just go for a lunch buffet and then to the nearest thrift shop.

I got myself a small globe with English text worth ¥54, a small pink lamp for ¥324 and a proactive facial cleaner for another ¥324 and 6 dresses worth ¥!”#$%. I’m a fashion victim and don’t really get into shopping dresses a lot, but today was fun coz I got girlfriends to play dress up with. I miss my sisters back home L.

For now, I travel the world with my little globe :)
One of the 6 dresses I got.
It should inspire to workout harder for my arms. HAHAHA.

I finally got to sit down and finish 1 module for Python as scheduled and shifted to Japanese listening mock tests. I scored 11/15. Not bad. Can still work on it. Definitely have to work on it. So, morning will be for listening tests and the nights will be for vocabulary and kanji mock tests. With a month to go before the exam, I have to make time for it or else I will waste the ¥5,500.

I have pending topics to write about but I haven’t gotten the time because I have been scrolling so much again. Boooo..

Starting tomorrow, I won’t be posting in any of my social networks sites except using the messaging systems it has. I will be posting my photos and my stories in my own blog pages J . Why? Will write about it on a separate blog entry.