Last night, my friends and I watched the trending movie in the Philippines: 


I started watching the video in a very light mood, giving side comments and ended up with swollen, red eyes, scattered tissue all over and a runny nose. 

- Moving to another country for greener pasture is a combination of faith and courage. As our imaginations play for the good stuff, sometimes, it overshadows the realities that we have to pursue first before anything else. 

- It takes a lot of courage to have a picture of what you deserve as a person and also of how much you can give for others. Because with that vision of a better future, you also discover the different paths and challenges that you have to overcome. 

- The greatest kind of love is sacrifice. And with letting go comes the ultimate level of trust in the future, that whatever tiny steps you do today leads you to making your dreams come true. 

- Keep your eyes on the goal. No matter how many detours, setbacks and people try to hold you back. 

Eyes on the goal, Kat.

Now, get back to answering those practice tests. You have had enough emo-shits in this morning already. :) 


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