What is a favorite piece of art that you own?

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What is a favorite piece of art that you own?

I am not really a collector of anything fancy. I am moving towards having items that are functional, space-saving and easy-to-dispose if ever. 

But let's see what I got... on my wall hang... my UP grad photo, a frame of paper bills from different countries (aren't a lot just yet), a wall full of frames of quotes that I find motivating and encouraging.
Anything artsy, fartsy, I am not the person to ask. HAHAHA. 

It is so hard to keep back on track with academic readings, writings and deliverables. I have trying to start, I would be able to keep it for at least three days then I will fall off the track again. I will get lost for the next days and then I will try to go back to it then I will lose it again and again. 

And here I am, writing about it. Keeping things into its "normal" state at this moment is just hard. Even completing this very entry itself is a struggle. 

Today, I was able to accomplish the tasks I had placed except for the readings, the writings and the podcast editing. 

Tomorrow is another day. Breakfast will be toasted bread and green eggs (spinach and eggs), website updates, research abstract reading and writing, then gym, nap, lesson plan prep, then work. Hmm.. Hopefully, I get home before midnight. I dunno yet. But we will see. 

Good night for now. 


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