I need to get back to intentional writing.

I suppose one would always have those slow days. 

Today is quite an unusual for me waking up so heavy, still sleepy and just not wanting to move. That was how most of the past few days were spent. 

I wake up, eat, go back to bed, scroll on my phone, sleep again, wake up, find something to eat, drink coffee, go to work, go back to the hotel, eat, binge on Bridgerton and then sleep. 

I tried to study, and I was able to get through one abstract reading and that's it. 

When I came back to my home, I cleaned up, cooked lunch, cleaned up more, waited for the deliveries to arrive and went to the gym. I was so excited to re-read Tao of Pooh that even while doing my cardio exercises, I was reading. And I'm just smiling at every line that reminds me of why I love Pooh, Thursdays and simplemindedness. It reminded me that it is okay to not know many things, not being able to answer many whys and that if ever you know something, it is better if it has a purpose for the common good. 

I finished watching Bridgerton too. I was thinking of writing a separate entry for it as a review. In my head, it is already a finished write up that I just can't seem to find the time to really write about. I am thinking of revamping this page again, truly concentrating entries here instead of my social media profiles as a way of collecting memories in a quieter space, with people visiting here would mean, it will be an intentional visit and not just some unintentional scrolling. Though, I don't really think people will come and visit here. But it would be nice, right? 

I really need to get back to more intentional writing. 


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