Bigger and bigger goals.

My big goal that's why I chose to work abroad is to buy a house and lot for my family. Four years in here and not a part of it had materialized at all and a part of me is disappointed about myself and the decisions I had made in the past. The other part of me is, of course, trying to comfort me , saying that it isn't entirely my fault. I have a father, two older brothers whom should have done something ahead of me. Yet, I don't know. 

My mom has been worrying about the upcoming threats of our place being demolished and we will be left with nowhere to go. We have just started to invest on a lot in Antipolo but that will be too far for my younger brother and sisters who are working in the city center offices. We don't have any house built in place to shelter them should the demolition really happen. I hope it never come to that point. 

I told myself that after this car purchase, I should focus on that acquisition of a house for my mom and dad, then I will feel really accomplished. 

But of course, I have research papers to write and submit, a degree to complete, paragliding license to achieve and songs to play in the piano. Oh yes, a lovelife to work in to reality. 😅

Little by little, step by step. Self, you've gone this far, your investments are well and good, your goals are bigger and bigger. You got this. 


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