How did you make a difference to the world today?

365 QOTD

How did you make a difference to the world today?

Wow. What a question. I tried to extend my patience for adults. LOL.


Started the day with coffee at the basement bakery of the building where I take Japanese classes. Then, I had the Japanese class. I am also surprised about myself being able to handle simple conversations with my teachers. But still, I have a lot to learn.

I knew that this day wont be that easy knowing that we have a yearly event to prepare for tomorrow. Much as I wanted to take-over a class, I know that I am not allowed to. Prepping the materials, zooming up visual aids, laminating id tags, cutting and all other classroom necesseties, I was more than happy to do. Well, I just told myself, it is better to be at the background of things, than to be a frontliner.

During lunch break, I thought of going to the park to play with the drone cam for a few minutes but the hot weather didn’t allow for the tiny toy to operate. Apparently, it stops operating when it is overheated. I got a bit scared about it because I thought it got broken or something but it operated during the night time at my apartment. Much as I wanted to upload the vids, I’d rather not, coz people will just see the mess inside my house. Hahaha.

Mission accomplished with the online class as well. After that, my cousin-brother and I vowed to study Japanese more religiously and so we decided to schedule an online tutorial with him as the sensei since he is in a more advance level than me.

I thought of just taking a shower after the class and will go to bed but still, here I am typing away my diary for the evening.

Well, Friday is Friday.

Still, it is a good life. Thank you Lord for always looking after me and after my heart. Please calm my restless soul.