Name one thing you should toss right now, but you just cant.

365 QOTD

Name one thing you should toss right now, but you just cant.

Pikachu. I got this stuff toy from when my former neighbor needed to clear her apartment before she moved back to America.

Early morning Youtube video stream  (How to Multiply Your Time by Rory Vaden) got me into this talk about time management about how we are trying to multiply time using the old ways that aren’t applicable to the modern times. Mr. Vaden, talked about that nowadays, it is not a matter of what we must do, but a matter of what can be put off for a later time, or can be delegated or automated. Sound decision-making about priorities and goals. It is necessary to have goals to keep us focused. That patience and small steps are still essential to attain goals. Without goals, we tend to lose time and just not manage our lives well-enough.

Good point. My takeaway was with the automation of things, like bills payments, insurance premiums and things that can be delegated to others so one can make the best out of one’s time.

Another thing that really works for me is waking up early and sticking to it. I haven’t been doing morning walks lately. I should really do that tomorrow morning.

I should build that habit of studying again and not just for the test. I should not be afraid to ask my friends whenever I try to study Japanese. I actually find it inappropriate but if I really need to learn, which I must do, I need to seek help.

I am starting to gain weight again. Oh no. I seem to have gone paranoid about all this, but if I wanna be better at surfing, there is a necessity to be lighter so I can easily pull myself up from the board to stand up and glide. My arms needs to be more slimmer so I can paddle more strongly and with better direction and not just doing “pabebe” paddles in the water.

I also seem to be overspending at an early stage this week, that needs to be regulated.

It may appear that I am limiting myself with some things but I need to do this if I really wanna get a good Taiwan trip this coming Autumn. I will get there. I will be there and will visit parks, libraries and drink milk tea every day!