Random Rant

Mas napapadalas yung mga panahong gusto ko lang maupo at magsulat nang magsulat ng kung ano. Sa ibang salita, gusto kong magreklamo nang magreklamo. Pero dahil wala rin naming patutunguhan, wag na lang din magsulat nang reklamo. Pwede rin pala, mga 140-characters lang. Pang-twitter. LOL. Tapos, move on na.

Andami ko ring gustong gawin. Gusto kong mag-edit ng videos, mag-recording, gusto kong magsulat, gusto kong kumanta, gusto kong yumaman. Anunaaaaaaaaa.....

During lunchbreak, I bumped into a friend at the train station. Since she had time, we went to the nearest bakery shop and chatted until its time for her next job.

She works 3 jobs, all hourly-paid, pero all of it naman, less than 4 hours in a day and not every day. She was petitioned by her mom and stepfather to move to Japan last year.

She asked about my dating life and my life in general and I chuckingly said that I am not really interested into dating recently and I am just quite contented with how my life is such at the moment. Family and friends can be easily reached online and offline. I am starting to love two new hobbies—that of weekly surfing and yoga.

I just really want to finish my Masters Degree for now. I don’t know where that craving is coming from. But finishing MA makes me think that it will give me much more eligibility to do more, in the field that I do now. I really want to be able to teach in a bigger school, a college or a university perhaps.

Last Sunday, I took the JLPT in the prefectural university and the room I was assigned into was so big, like that of a conference room and I imagine myself teaching a class in that big of a room. Those all desks are filled with college students, absorbed with learning and enthusiastically trying their best to communicate.

It would be really nice to share these kind of things with someone eventually. Someone who would understand what I do, why I do it and maybe remind me every now and then if I am already losing myself. And I would do the same to him.

For now, I live a daily life, I work for my dreams, I study to get better and better.

My career path is still vague, just like when you are waiting for that good wave to ride one. But you still keep looking, waiting and keep your self ready.

If there’s a theme this blog is for, it is probably the a hashtag for waiting. For the past six years, I have written dreams and aspirations and then wrote about them coming to reality as well. So, just like the first ones, this one is a dream for now, and one day, I will write about it becoming a reality—in a university or a college or anywhere else, that I will be able encourage more people to learn and communicate.

Ooops, before I forget, also, that DFB will become a reality. J