What motivated you today?

365 QOTD

What motivated you today?

Family, kids, teaching, learning, books and the hope for a better future with (fill in the blank). LOL  


Ang hirap sagutin ng tanong na yun ha. LOL. But yes, I just keep going because there will always be someone or something out there.

I woke up early but remained in bed just because it was raining very hard outside. Then my sister called me and of course, asked me to get up. She talked about the Cantata concert piece she had been eyeing to purchase and did so today. I will miss this year’s Christmas Cantata again but that won’t stop me from being grateful for having such a wonderful and Godly sister and family. I am still in total one piece that I am right now coz I know they always pray for me.

Left early for to do bank stuff on my way and spent a good hour at a café near my workplace. I started re-reading The Little Prince. I seem to be in a re-reading projects of fiction books I have at home for now. My alarm signaled at the page where the little prince met with the vain man who hears nothing but praises and everything else goes unheard.

Then, I had to do that deep sigh and pack my stuff and walk my way to work.

My steps aren’t heavy, I am not yet at that point of my career where I seem to be dragging myself to work. I still look forward to seeing the kids everyday. Today was actually pretty interesting as I got to do a yoga pose with one of the most hyper kids I have ever met, yet still lovable. Then, more admin stuff to do and then it was time to go home.

I intentionally didn’t open any online classes today. I was hoping to get into a conversation with my cousin about my uncle’s surgery but he seem to be busy and so I just ended up watching the pilot episode of Code Black. I liked it. I will most likely take time to catch up with the series until grad school isn’t open yet.

I have an upcoming holiday next month and I still have no idea if I will celebrate my birthday alone or with someone or people.

My bestfriend is having issues with his girlfriend being “slow” and that they seem not to have anything in common. I just told him that when he is doubt or when negative thoughts started creeping into his mind, he needs to take a deep breath, close his eyes and remember every good thing about his girlfriend that made his heartbeat like crazy for her.

Funny that I can give a piece of advice when I, myself, have none.

Best things happen unexpectedly. –Read it somewhere and posted it on my wall.