Who did you eat dinner with?

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Who did you eat dinner with?

I didn’t eat dinner at all. And if I did, it would probably just be me, myself and I.


I called it a day when I saw the sky bursting with the colors of red, orange, and yellowish in a blue and white background. It was calm and peaceful.

But I can’t still call it a full day.

I woke up early as usual. My power couple friend arranged to pick me up at the nearest grocery to store to drive to Aoshima for an early morning Yoga class, followed by Stand Up Padddle class and a Surfing Class, I cancelled the Relax Yoga class in the afternoon because we decided to have lunch together with another friend.

We ate at a local Japanese restaurant. They were kind enough to request that my meal be without shrimp, because it was a kai-don (seafood rice toppings).

Then, we dropped by a shopping center where I got two identical tops for office. It just makes thinking about what to wear easier. And because it was on sale.

My friend generously lent me his mini drone cam because we don’t have time to play with it together anymore.

So, when I got home, after finishing the laundry, I decided to spent the rest of the afternoon at the park. It was a 20-minute walk from my house. But I really wanted to try to use the drone and I need a good space to work on and the park will be the best place for that.

It didn’t take long for the battery to drain. And I am not yet even started with reflecting on how to properly maneuver the controls. But, cant do anything about it, and so I just sat there and watched the sunset instead. Walked my way home, sent a few emails, updated my expense list, finished watching The Handmaid’s Tales and will read The Witches by Roald Dahl after writing this.

Quite a good day, right?


  1. Wala na rin akong kasabay kumain ng dinner, ako na kasi yung huling umuuwi sa bahay ngayon kaya laging tapus na sila kumain pagkauwi ko :)

    Napanuod ko yang drone na yan cher! :) paliparin mo naman dito yan, #char :)

    1. ehh... at least paguwi mo, may tao pa rin sa bahay na makakausap ka :)

      Hahaha.. Meron akong bagong vid, kaso nakakahilo yung 360 capture... So, di ko na gagamitin masyado. At gagawin ko na syang makabuluhang montage... Harinawa... lol..

  2. The Handmaid's Tale is interesting. I have decided to read it and watch the old movie. And then perhaps the series. I've been hearing a lot of people raving about Roald Dahl. Is the book really good?

    So you have yoga class, surfing class and stand-up whatever class. Eh yung matulog naman kahit minsan, hinde? Self-imposed na pagpapahirap? Hahaha!

    1. Children's books ang sinusulat nya, para syang combi ng playfulness ni Dr. Seuss at seriousness ni author ng The Little Prince. Favorite ko yung The Witches and Matilda. . hehehe.

      Fixed sched ang sleep, dapat 12 midnight, either sleeping na ko or off to bed na talaga.. then, wake up 7am... If you would really take a look at my sched, its very monotonous.. paitkot-ikot lang sa mga parehonh gawain. Active movements lang talaga kasi sya.


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