It's her time to go.

It's her time to go. I keep telling myself.

Today, my former co-worker, E had already left for Hiroshima. She quit the company we used to both work for and had decided to find another job in another place for several reasons.

I was hoping to see her before she leaves just so I can also thank her personally and wish her well on her way. I know it would have been emotional and wacky at the same time. She told me that she had intended not to see me because she is avoiding the emotional breakdown that may arise as she leaves the city. She has been crying all week-long, she said.

I sent her a message telling her that another co-worker is set to resign and that I had decided to take a holiday flight back home at the end of December and be back on New Year's Eve in Miyazaki.

I will be spending the last day of 2018 enroute back to Japan and welcoming 2019, either in a bus enroute to Miyazaki or in a capsule hotel in Fukuoka. Just because with the sudden changes, I may have difficulty getting vacation leaves in January onwards.

But today was still quite a good day.

The content-writing job kept me occupied and I was able to continue writing and will write more tomorrow.

More online meetings coming up tomorrow and hopefully more time to read as well.

Almost two years in Miyazaki and I am already feeling of comfort I am not sure I am comfortable to embrace. For the meantime, let me relish the pain of letting go of someone and seeing them spread their wings, let me find peace in the silence and sluggishness of events in my own life, let me focus on my long term goal of getting that diploma, let me write about the ancestral purpose that I am longing to discover.

For her, it's her time to go.
For me, this is my time to grow.


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