A few minutes from now and I am ready to board the plane for a domestic flight: 

Nagoya bound for Miyazaki

After a 2-week intensive training for a new company I am gonna be working with moving forward, I am just so excited to go home. I miss my little apartment space, my bed and the peace in itself. 

For the past two weeks I wasn't able to have any form of being alone to reflect on things, to meditate or to just be plain quiet. It had all been about learning new things, unlearning old stuff and re-learning some.

I am very grateful for the past two weeks of something new despite the global pandemic that almost stop almost everything around the world, I got a new job that is pretty much stable and with consistent support in my chosen home in Japan. 

I am going back with additional 9 kgs of luggage due to the non-stop shopping we had done on our free days. I would have bought more had I not remembered that I have a driving test to prepare and spend for when I get back. HAHA. 

Going back was also a bit worrisome because of the high-spike in the increase of numbers of cases in the city itself. 

This virus is definitely altering the life on earth and we cant help but just do our best to cope and find our way to survive. 


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