Who did you see the most today?

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Who did you see the most today?

My manager. We did posting of fliers today, just the two of us, so we had the chance to chat about random stuff. Funny that she knows more about my neighbor than I do. LOL.

I went to the Japanese conversation class in the morning and it was such a lovely reunion with the oldies. LOL. I know that I had been absent on Wednesdays because of the surfing classes I’ve had on those days and Fridays had been rainy recently, and laziness kinda embraced me. But moving forward, I am back on track. If I really want to get better with my Nihonggo skills, I need to be more consistent with learning and practicing.

Work day had been a bit slow. With only two classes today, I had the time to browse for other lessons I can use in the classroom. For the advance level, I will be using the Six Thinking Hats, which I am excited about because it had helped me personally organized my thoughts whenever I need to think about something. Having the skills for conversation like this one for project planning will help the kids, not just in speaking but in the way that they present their thoughts and their ideas to others. It will eliminate the bias of the ego, and will be more objective towards a certain goal.

Since the weather was good and sunny, I spent my lunch break at the park again where I saw the squad of dogs again. The big black dog (looks like a crossbreed of a German Shepherd and a Labrador) welcomed me on my seat, grinned when I said Hi, then started jumping his way into the center of the park like a happy little creature who just got noticed by his crush. LOL. Then, the little brown poodle came to me as well when I called her. It appears to be a “she” with the pink printed bow tied on its neck. The light brown shiba inu was a bit of a snob. He just stared at me when I waved and then dropped his head and closed his eyes. Before I went back to work, I went to this shiba inu’s direction, propped down my body and slowly touched its head to which it seems to…. I don’t know… it feels like he liked it, but he didn’t want to show that he liked it. Oh well, since it’s summer, he just needs to endure my presence for I intend to take lunch breaks at the park on good days while I study a few kanji characters.

I resumed with the online job as well, targeting at least 10-12 hours in a month, hoping it will be able to cover for the personal insurance’s quarterly premium payment. I haven’t been opening my online stocks portfolio as well, haven’t made my purchases, nor any sale for profits, 3 out of 4 portfolios as in red, making it a good sign to keep buying new shares at the moment but I just don’t have the energy to make that decision just get. It’s past the middle of the year and so I need to make at least a purchase or a sale, not that it’s required, but it makes me feel being more responsible about my minimal assets and investments.

Good day. Good day.


  1. I read this and I just can't stop thinking about how uneventful my daily life can be. It's like I only try to enjoy my own life for two weeks every year.

    Anyway, how's the surfing lessons? Put on sun screen lotion ha. We don't want to damage that beautiful skin of yours.

    Please keep track of your stock portfolio. When you get rich, I will be applying for a job. A personal assitant or your own personal barista. I know how to make a good cappuccino. Hahaha!


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