Rejections after rejections. Ghosts after ghosts.

Today, I just got off the phone from an initial interview for a very short content-writing project of lesson plans for a raspberry-pi based science lessons.

A few months ago, I had gone through the same process, that time, it was with a China-based school, wanting to outsource content writing of workbooks for English lessons. The person-in-charge, promised to send me sample contents that I can look into. But it never happened. I never received any sample materials. I sent a follow up email but never got a reply. Then, I just decided to let it go. I asked a favor from my friend who referred me to the project to ask what happened but until now, I don't have any answer.

When, I pitched myself for this new content-writing project, I was actually excited about the thought of tinkering with a raspberry pi all over again. Then, I just had to calm myself coz there are chances that I might never get the chance because... a.) I haven't taught science for quite a while now, b.) I am not in the PH. c.) there are other viable candidates.

Then, today, I received a message asking if I can talk on the phone. I was on my way to the Japanese class and quickly just thought of cancelling the class for today and then, just accommodate the call.

The call went well. I supposed. The project associate mentioned about sending me some files within the day to look into and expecting me to send it back for updates and feedback.

I missed Japanese class today. Just gotta make up for that with online reviewing today.