What are the achievements you are most proud of?

365 QOTD

What are the achievements you are most proud of?

Hmmmm... I can't think of anything that I can be proud of as my own achievement. Parang wala naman. LOL. But it melts my heart whenever other people say that they are proud of me. It's something we don't get to hear from someone every day.

Proud moment for me will be those moments that I see my students proud and confident of themselves and abilities.

Proud moment  for me will be to see my youngest sister graduate on her baccalaureate degree with my parents attending the event.

Proud moment for me will be to see my parents taking time to enjoy what they love to do.

Proud moment for me will be to see my siblings and the entire family having a noisy dinner or lunch at home.

Despite the imperfections, lack of a beautiful house and other material things, I will always be proud of the family where I came from, the parents who raised me, and the siblings whom I had a long history of petty fights and battles over simple things.

Other than that,  I don't think I can be proud of anything else.

One of the four pots of cacti plants I had is exhibiting signs of extinction. And since I have no idea how to revive it, I googled for answers and asked a friend, who suggested I give it bath. Clap. Clap. I will give it a bath tomorrow. LOL. (I'm that gullible.)

Spent the morning cooking food for the next three days. How I missed sautéed vegetables and tomato soup! LOL.

Then, went out early to ship the reading kits I promised my friend to India. With minimal aids of online translations, but with my chop-chop Nihonggo put to use, in more or less 30-minutes, we were able to pack and seal a 9.21 kgs parcel bound for India in 1-2 months. I opted to shoulder the shipping alone and just consider this as an investment to the children and teachers of that institution. I look forward to hearing stories about how it will make all the difference.

The Sony E-Reader I bought was supposed to be shipped today but I left early and so I would need to wait until tomorrow. Hopefully, they ship it before 10:15AM. Another Japanese challenge over the phone. LOL.

Work went as usual. Meh.

Excited to go home and open Wattpad for the updates on the stories I am following. Truly it was amazing.

Tonight, I just started leafing through the modules and wrote the drafts and still have more drafts to work on tomorrow.

Bukas, pag gising, bangon agad.