Name one thing that you need to toss, but just can't.....

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Name one thing that you need to toss, but just can't.....

A bit private but there is this one baconized underwear I still like wearing for bedtime that should have been tossed years ago, but I just can't. LOL.


Night Reviews July 9, 2020

There seem to be a discrepancy on the review of my driver license application and I need to have it taken care of as soon as possible before I fly for a 2-week training. I can't really feel that I have my days filled until a conflict like this arises. As much as I wanted to have an early out of work sooner, I just can't. I don't wanna ask anymore flexibility as a form of favor in return for all their shortcomings to me as an employee. 

I helped out in revising a proposal for "the school". Others would say it is a very boring thing to do, but I found it fun and challenging to balance sheets and type out the rationale for the project and the excitement to look forward to the day that it will come into a reality. 

I cleaned the house for a bit, just because I had time. I was vacuuming around 9pm, sorry neighbor! LOL

Hot choco and potato chips for dinner! My mom was a bit ballistic about it but I was able to hold it all down because I had to end their call right away to prevent myself from diverting from the flow of writing that time.. HEHE. 

Day 1 of the monthly cycle today. You know what that means. Red alert. Red alert. Red alert. 

I got myself a new crush! So much talent coming from this person and I can feel that he can also be loving and caring and sweet and kind and ...... yes, my crush. So much kilig! 


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