Monday Blues

It is 10:32pm as I start typing this out and it felt like Monday just swept away time just like that. 

In the morning, I woke up before the alarm but waited for a couple of snoozes before I really got up from bed to start my day. 

I have been working on a lot of cleaning up, clearing spaces and moving stuff here and there. I feel like I want the entire space I am in to breathe. For the air to just keep flowing and for all the natural light be able to come in. For my whole body be able to move around the house smoothly. 

The weather is slowly getting warmer. I had put the heater back in its box and in my brain, I am scheduling the packing of the winter clothes and choosing on the spring/summer wardrobe from what I already have. The rest would either have to go or be thrown. I intend to just keep a few winter clothes as I still enjoy shopping at the secondhand shops for seasonal clothes. 

Today's routine was kept as it is. Reading and writing in the morning, breakfast, gym workout, laundry, checking of schedule, work, going home, clean up at home, prep for tomorrow's early morning practice driving and more practice alone. More work tomorrow too. Hahaha. 

Of the three major things I had set a goal for this year, the car and the piano are here by the first quarter. The paraglide could wait. Maybe before my birthday. Hahaha. 

Then, I am set to resume of the #RoadtoMasters. I know I have to get back to it. 

A few things to add to my night routine: 

Lather coconut oil on the tips of my hair.--- my hair is sooooo dry, sometimes also flaky and just feeling so not happy :( I have been trying to research on how to revive it and for now, what I have are the apple cider vinegar for the dandruff and the coconut oil for the dryness. I just need to be consistent. 

Face Mask in the evening before creams.-- it had been sitting by the dresser unused and my skin had been so dry because of neglect. Might as well, use the ones I have that I know my skin would love. 

The days and nights are calm. There is still that inner longing to spend the days and nights with someone, but I am getting by my own, in a functional way. So far, so good. 

My period is upcoming, thus the emo shits overflowing here and there. I haven't cried just yet and I seem to be handling myself pretty well. There is that inside me building up and I can only hope that nothing would trigger it to spill to a river of tears anytime soon. 


  1. I long for calm days and nights too. Napadaan lang ulit sa blogger world. :))


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